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A village builder / survival game.

Start out with your town center and gather food to survive. Expand your village to have farms, windmills, and houses for more people to live in. Learn how to hunt, farm and mine, and build a thriving community. Exploring, you find oases, antelopes, and the ruins of an ancient monument. 

As night falls, monsters lurk in the dark and you'll need to be on your guard.  Meet a strange, distant traveler along the way, and try to prevent your imminent demise . . .


  • 5 resources to collect
  • 10+ different jobs to assign
  • 20+ structures to build
  • day-night cycle
  • ~4+ hours of playtime
  • 3 save slots for different playthroughs

made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon


Get this game and 7 more for $18.00 USD
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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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How do I make my dudes drop wood inside the shed I can't get them to do anything also is there a way to get them to do everything automatically?

really nice game, prob i also try to make a game like this :D

Is there any way to get source code of this game? I know that you get sokpop's games source code with patreon but from what it says it looks like it's only for new games

The source is not available anymore. Sorry!

Okay :( thanks for the reply! Hope that maybe You will give it in some kind of higher tier patreon in the future :)


Will you make a pyramida 2? If you aren't planning to, please plan to. It is my favourite city builder ever and I want a second to it so badly. Pleaseeeee


dude how to this graphics?   like tomscape ?  I really really wonder ? zero shadow or upper lighting ? 

a 3d unlit environment in an isometric/ortholinear camera, all 2d sprites and characters, a forced 'low resolution', and a wavy screen shader effect to show hot sand

heres how they did it

I can't scroll down on the building menus- any attempt to do so just picks up buildings. Is there some way to do it with the keyboard that I don't know about?

I think you have to use the mouse wheel to scroll down, don't think there's another way!

Thanks! I was using my laptop touchpad instead of a mouse, so no wonder.

By the way, this game is elegantly simple yet challenging. The art style is wonderfully distinctive, and the villagers (and alien) are adorable.

Please @sokpop i dunno if you ever update this anymore but PLEASE stop letting builders rebuild stuff that is marked for destruction. Also why can wreckers not move on to other destruction projects after theyre done with one?

Its very frustrating to not trust either builders or wreckers to work without constantly watching over them.

(also wtf is water for)


I'm completely baffled. It looks fun, nobody else seems to have trouble, but I will die of starvation with food in my town hall every time! How does the food meter relate to actual bundles of food in your town hall, or in people's hands? They sure won't pause and have a bite, they just straight up die! So frustrating!


they eat every time the bell tolls. the red bar tells you how much they will eat, and "starving" means the next bell will kill you if you dont get food

This game looks really cute and I'm excited to play it! I've run into a little problem though. I downloaded the Windows version and whenever I try to run it, I get this error:

Is there any way of getting around this?

You probably don't have DirectX yet or you are missing a driver either way. You can download the necessary driver for free with this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

Thank you so much for your help! I've played a bit and the game is very fun, cute, and surprisingly difficult :)


Cute game! Kinda weird that you have to delete dead civs from some other menu. Also I once deleted a pyramid scaffolding on the ground it was sad, I think pyramid should not be deletable!


Thank you! You're right, you shouldn't be able to demolish pyramid parts. Added it to my list of stuff to fix. Thanks for letting me know!


Absolutely great game! I bought it last week after the art style caught my eye and I've been playing it ever since. It was very difficult to win but it was definitely rewarding. 

This game has a great potential to be a city-builder. After winning the game, I've built a  village of 29 people.

Pros, Cons, Bugs, Suggestions & Questions


  • Charming graphics and lovely sound effects. 
  • This game has a great potential to be a city-builder. After winning the game, I've built a  village of 29 people!
  • Very challenging! I feel like I'm really fighting for survival.


  • You cannot save the game, so if you lose you cannot replay the same map, or if you lose after winning the game you cannot pick up where you left or revert to an earlier state of the game.


  • Sometimes you can add more than 1 villager to a watchtower.
  • Sometimes you can add villagers to unfinished watchtowers.
  • There is lag when opening/closing a gate - the game almost freezes sometimes.
  • Sometimes when clicking on a resource (very frustrating with deer!) nothing happens.
  • Occasionally it seems like the villagers are not responsive and/or have some delay when given orders.


  • The option to save the game (and come back to the same save) and more save slots! I like the way autosave currently works but I'd love to be able to keep normal saves as well.
  • The map could be more random. The pyramid seems to always be in the same spot, with some variation in the way lakes and resources are placed on the map.
  • A new, expensive endgame building (perhaps the Granary) that prevents you from losing the game instantly when starving. Instead, your villagers die one by one until the population is lower and has a food surplus. Also it could serve as a place where you can drop crops, so you could build fields in different parts of the map.
  • You could add 2x1 Wells, since currently I can't obtain rectangular fields this way. 
  • What if you could tame or keep animals in an enclosure (and have an automated way to obtain food from them?) This would be an end-game way of obtaining food. 
  • What about a kitchen or hall building?  Where you could turn the meat into more nutritious food, or perhaps turn meat + bread into more nutritious food (this way fields aren't obsolete) in order to sustain a larger population. 
  • A plant nursery. I haven't done it yet but once I manage to take over the map there will be no more trees left to chop.
  • Control groups would be useful.
  • Some sort of way of seeing how many villagers you have assigned to each job (how many bakers you have for example) and perhaps locking them to a certain job in order to prevent accidentally assigning them to another job. 

  • As another user said, a multiplayer mode would be GREAT!  
  • I think that would require larger maps and more buildings though.
  • Perhaps a building called Hunter's Hut, which can automatize things like hunting. Anyone assigned as a hunter will go look for play and then take it to the Town Hall / Granary / Food shed. 
  • Another sort of building, Barracks perhaps, which enables you to turn villagers into soldiers? They would be able to fight hand-to-hand or with weapons, and would be more resistant to skeletons. However they might not be available as workers unless they put their arms down? They should also react to enemies approaching and resist / fight them? You know like a RTS. 


  • Are you planning on adding save games?
  • Are you open to the possibility of working on this game more, or perhaps a very similar sequel? 
  • Do Schools stack?
  • Do Pantries stack?
  • Do Workshops stack?

I'm looking forward to your replies and updates! 

Best regards, Nichita

Purchased Pyramidal on steam. Playing on a macbook. I can select a worker. I can get them to go to the resource I want them to harvest. They follow the yellow line. But one at that resource they never actually engage in the task making the game unplayable. Please help. 

I've uninstalled and reinstalled on steam. 

Hi, sorry you're having trouble with the game. Are you sure you're clicking when there's a tooltip stating the action? For instance, clicking a berry bush should say "gather". Also, does the villager have a tool on their back? If they don't, it probably means you're either misclicking, or you don't have the upgrades necessary to gather the resource yet.

Hi there, thank you for replying.  Really looking forward to figuring this out. 

Still having problems -

On the opening play screen - I can find grass. I click on the worker. A yellow circle surrounds them when I do.  Then I put the cursor over the grass and the words "GATHER" appear.  I Right click over grass/gather - I see a yellow path they follow - they head over, but when they get there they gather nothing. they just stand (they do not have any tool on their back.

I've tried this same process with PLUCK on the berry bush and also they walk there, but they do not pluck. 

Feels like I'm missing something. 

Very strange indeed. Could it be that you're holding down the Control-button? This makes people walk over instead of working. Otherwise I really don't know what might be causing this (have tested it on different OSX devices).

Hey there. Not holding down the control button too long. I've tried it every which way. The workers will not interact with the environment. I do not have an OSX device to try this on. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, both steam as a whole and the program. There must be a solution to this problem. I would really love to play this game I bought. 


I downloaded the game on my mac but a "

“pyramida” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

message pops up and I am unable to open the game

If you right-click the file and select “Open” (instead of just double clicking), the prompt should include the option to open the file anyways. Hope that helped!


absolutely in love with this game, its absorbed so many of my hours. Aliens didnt build the pyramids but there was one there baking bread while it happened. This game is tricky but satisfying, i never felt cheated when i died. I adore the artstyle and the sfx. everything in this game has character.

The only problems i have a minor things, the game slows down when villagers are pathfinding to mine for some reason (that being said my pc is not exactly a gamer rig). One thing I'd love to see would be to have the stats for all my previous runs and a peaceful/sandbox mode for just enjoying building a tiny village.

love you sokpop, keep doing what youre doing <3

how do you control the people?! I've tried everything from all my mouse buttons to randomly pressing letters. I looked on youtube and no one else seems to have a problem :/ I can select stuff by clicking it but thats all I can do.

Left-click to select people ( or drag left mouse button to box-select multiple), and then right-click to give them an order. Clicking left mouse button again deselects the current selection. Hope that helped!


thank you. I reloaded the game twice and it started working! everythings good.

I'm trying playing this on my macbook pro and it lags every 5 seconds after building a farm. Is this right? I'm not far into it I thought.


Do you have the latest version? The initial release had a lot of lag problems, redownloading the game might fix it for you. Hope that helped!

(2 edits)

I do have the latest. I think it's a new bug. I was just able to keep playing past a farm creation in another save.

When the bug occurred, the farm I built slightly overlapped the water on a pond. I believe the bug emerged due to a rendering conflict between the two. Or something similar perhaps?

Hmm sound like a strange bug. Most slowdown occurs because of pathfinding (such as trying to go somewhere you can't reach). Might be that a farmer tried to farm at a spot within the field that was unreachable for some reason. Thanks for the report, put it on my to-do list!

(1 edit) (+1)

An incredible short project game! Harks back to Age of Empires, but with a survival twist! Would love to play a sequel with multiplayer (if possible)!

• Like Age of Empires - Base building style, unit controls.
• Balance of micro-management to automation - Use of resource depots to alleviate micro-management.
• The resource management - Physical resource "tokens" that must be moved around the map.

• Terrible archery accuracy
• Right-click camera rotation
• Builders automatically repairing demolition sites

• Additional controls and quality of life:
- Holding Shift Queues actions
- Control groups
- Delete key marks for demolition

Windows Defender is flagging this game as a trojan virus and won't let me play.

The reason it's being flagged is because we're unable to codesign our games and it's an .exe file. However, since it's downloaded from our official itch.io page, you can trust the file. You should be able to play if you open the file, click "More info" and then click "Run anyways".

windows defender is flagging clipbank trojan


Windows flags it because the game is not codesigned. Click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway" to open the file. If you don't trust it, you could also get the game from Steam using your key and play from there!

thank u sokpop collective


I wish i could play it :(

Are you on Linux?

game is looking really cute!!! I just can't enter it. I get an error with the following saying:  

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: sh_world

D3DXCompile failed - result

called from - gml_Script_draw_heightmap (line 23)
called from - gml_Object_obj_world_Draw_72 (line 199)

Hi! This means you're missing DirectX. You can download it for free with this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

thank you so much!!!

Hmm, I updated the game to 1.5, but then my Antivirus removed the pyramida.exe file, so I can't play anymore. It complained about a Trojan? It didn't do this on the earlier versions of the game.

Hmm, might be because the new version was downloaded less up until this point. Can’t do mich about it if it’s your antivirus though.

Ran into a bug after completing the pyramid where skeletons no longer die after they have taken their full health in damage. Their health bar is fully depleted, but they still wander around killing my villagers. Steam version, if it matters.


Thanks for the report, fixed this in v1.5!

The game is super cute and entertaining. I like it. But it's a bit difficult to survive XD

I have a problem, the game is slow, but not "a little slow" but, sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. From the 25th, I start to have moments when the game crashes, but from the 30th, it's so slow that I can't even leave the game because it gets stuck.
I'm afraid that if I close the game, I will lose game progress :c

Same here, my village was on the road to victory, but as soon as I got to 18 villagers it slowed down so much that I could not interact with the game.

Sorry you're having trouble with the game, looking for a way to make the game work faster! Are you on OSX? Also, the game saves automatically, so quitting the game should be fine.

(2 edits)

I use Windows.
I started the game again and I eliminated the other one... Sometimes when you have the game advanced, it goes a little slow, but I was able to finish (I think) the game.

PS: I don't understand the use of the well...

This should now be fixed in version 1.5! Let me know if the game runs OK for you after downloading the new version.

The wells allow you to irrigate farms (like water does as well).


I really wish there was an option to move or remove bones during the day. I'm just finding it very frustrating trying to deal with them and my food situation simultaneously. This should be a relaxing, peaceful game but it just seems to get me aggravated enough not to play.

Lovely little game, entirely worth the money/time. Would be nice if irrigation was explained better, only realised during my second run after getting stuck in a farm replacing loop in my first game. Much easier once you understand that. 
Love the animations and the art style, very nicely done. 

Super Cute!!!

And another with a gate that was being unbuilt, it was flying "above its original position", maybe it has to do with disasembling opened gates,..

Fixed in v1.5!


I had a error with a villager on top of a unfinished tower, firing and all, don't know how it happened or if it was fixed, but it was fun though.

Having fun with this. Not as chill as I wanted but still fun. I managed to find a balance with the food and then skeletons just happened to be spawning right next to my village. So, if it's not one thing it's the other. Kind of aggravating but overall I really like it. 


I love this game, it's great!

What do you do when a save file dies? can you just never use it again?

You can delete savefiles from the option menu!

(1 edit)

Thank you! Sorry if I came off rude

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't know if this is a bug, but I noticed that my x2 speed was actually x1 and x4 speed was actually x2. Does this influence my loss of food which I find very fast compared to the video I discovered the game with?

is there a way to destroy existing fences etc? I tried to destroy them with the destroy tool but it only seems to work on buildings we haven’t started yet.

(1 edit)

Yes, you have to have people selected beforehand. So select some people, then press the destroy button, and then the building. The selected people will then start destroying the building you clicked.


A Steam list with over a 100 titles and I am so into Pyramida I do not want to do anything else. Rescued E.T. two times now and I am awaiting for more endgame content eagerly! :) Awesome game Sokpop


the number of times i've been killed by the controls is infuriating! 

I think the way drag-select and then moving needs to be cleaned up, so many times a skelly got me cornered so I select my guys and click to move but they do nothing...

otherwise amazing little game, day 10 is my best so far(because controls) and I'd love to see even more! 

This game is very wonderful!!

What are the effects?

- Pantry

- Workshop

- School

Thanks! Pantry increases the food capacity by 50 (you start out with 100), meaning you'll have more room until your food meter is full. You can build multiple pantries as well. A workshop makes all work (when people show a loading bar) go at 1.5 times the speed. A school makes all children grow up twice as fast.

Thank you! I understand very well!

Hi! I have a problem, because the town center occasionally disappears. Is that a bug or some mechanics I don't get?

This is a bug, do you know when it happens? I’m trying to fix the issue.

To be honest, not really. It seems pretty random and happened to me a few times pretty early in the game (around day 3-4) and once around day 11. It seems it stops existing completely (as opposed to just not being visible), as the villagers are not able to store food inside. Reloading the game doesn't help.

Just fixed a bug where, if you assign a person who's carrying food to go and destroy something, instead of dropping off the food at the town center, it will destroy the town center. Could that be it?

It sounds like it! I'd be glad to test it and see if that's it.

(1 edit)

Fixed this in version 1.4, which is now up. Download the game again to update. Thanks for the report!


This game is absolutely wonderful! If there's any games that you've made that I would love an expansion for, it'd be this one! I would play many more hours of this with more content.

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