v1.3.2: Roads Optimizations

Hi! Just a quick new version fixing some issues people were having on savefiles with lots of roads. Changelog:

  • Optimized drawing code for wooden roads.
  • Pathfinding now gives less preference to roads (from 0.6 cost factor to 0.75), to both better reflect the actual bonus, and give pathfinding better performance.
  • Skeletons and antelopes now ignore roads in their pathfinding (for better performance).
  • Fixed wrong windmill costs in UI (said it costs 15 planks, only costs 10).
  • (v1.3.2) Fixed roads not taking the camera zoom into account when drawing.

Thanks again!

- rub


pyramida.app.zip 29 MB
Aug 06, 2020
pyramida.exe 25 MB
Aug 06, 2020

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is my game automatically updates

No, you have to download the game again to apply updates (unless you're using the itchio launcher app). The version number of the file corresponds to the path number.

hello. i tried to download it  but my computers keeps deleting it. it reads it like a virus, tried many browser but doesn't work. can u send me zip file instead  otherwise. i need a refund. ty

Hi. If your antivirus is preventing you from downloading the game from here, chances are it will also delete the files if I send them directly to you. You could try turning off your antivirus software for a while, or request a refund through itch.io.

i did still not working. where can i refund. which section of ich.io.