v1.3: Optimization & Freeze Fixes

Hello! Another update fixing a number of issues. Changelog:

  • Fixed a freeze when hitting an antelope with an arrow, and it can't find a way to escape.
  • Optimized drawing code, pathfinding, fog of war, and more - game should run a lot smoother (especially for large towns).
  • Improved pathfinding so people will be OK with taking longer detours to get somewhere (fixing them being stuck previously)
  • Max-detour distances of people are now the same for every action, making it more transparent.
  • Skeletons will now also dash for 3 seconds after hitting them with an arrow, making them much harder to beat with just one villager.
  • Made the windmill turning speed increase with the game speed properly.

Thanks again for helping make the game better!

- rub


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Aug 06, 2020

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