v1.1.3: Pathfinding & Fixes

It's me again!

Pushed another patch improving the pathfinding, performance and fixing some bugs. Changelog:

  • Fixed people not being able to destroy depleted farms
  • Fixed archer lookouts not targeting skeletons after loading the game
  • Fixed pathfinding failing when ordering people to a far-away spot
  • Pathfinding now always finds the optimal route
  • Increased pathfinding's maximum deviation for people, while decreasing it for kids, antelopes and skeletons (for better performance)
  • Increased the farm's irrigation range to 2 around it, requiring 3 tiles of water within that range to make it irrigated. (Also changed the tooltip for it when placing to be more clear.)
  • Fixed wells that are not built yet showing water on loading the game.

Thanks for playing!

- rub


pyramida.app.zip 29 MB
Aug 04, 2020
pyramida.exe 25 MB
Aug 04, 2020

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Hi, in latest Mac version people does not move. When I order them to do something, I see that they have a tool in hand. But they don't move at all.

Oh no! So sorry, will fix this first thing tomorrow!