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Hello Sokpopie! I hire you to Development me A game Called " Jerry McRuin the Game " This game is an Weird,Adventure,Funny,Horror Game! I'll hire you to Make that!

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Super fun game! Any chance this'll open up for modding? Some ideas:

  • 1-tile decorative flowers; 1-tile straw path (decorative/slower road)
  • Killed animals leave bones behind, causing more skeletons
  • Healer's tent to wake up downed villagers faster (might use bones)
  • Villagers age (white hair) and die, respawning as a child
  • Traveler commemorative statue (decorative or could lead to:)
  • Traveler returns in Stonehenge or Nazca Lines quests
  • Allow starting small hay shed to be destroyed (or built—less good)
  • Stone wall and guard tower (just for late-game aesthetic upgrade)
  • re-skin buildings for other early civs (Native American, Chinese)
  • Allow food dropoff at Pantry (rather than only the town hall)
  • Traps that can be built to harm anything that walks over them
  • Fishing Wharf, or Animal Barn (needs fences) with a Butcher's Shop
  • River and buildable Bridges; maybe can even send logs down river!

I'm pretty sure you can buy the source code on their patreon

"Allow food dropoff at Pantry (rather than only the town hall)"
That's a good one;

for the patch u need to redownload the game?

Yes! The version number of the file corresponds with the patch number. Your savefiles will stay intact.

Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I don't understand my basic controls. How do I get the people to do anything?

Click on people to select them (or click and drag to select multiple), then right-click somewhere to let them walk there / do an action.

I havent gotten to the meteor strike yet, but If I never talk to the alien can I just keep playing that save forever without a meteor coming or will it come anyway?

It will come regardless!


This is a really great game.
The only problem I had was with the starving fail state where after one day of my hunters failing to catch anything to help the bakers make enough food, everyone just straight up died instantly. Would prefer if it was more of a gradual thing? Like maybe people getting knocked unconscious beforehand so they still eat food but allow you to have some wiggle room in there.

Other than that I really enjoyed my time with it. The art style is adorable and the gameplay feels smooth and intuitive. Excited to see more content like this. : )

Do you have a list of keyboard shortcuts?


Escape to deselect, F for fast-forward, space to reset game speed, Q & E to rotate, backspace/delete to cancel a building plan.

Thank you! Any plans for keyboard shortcuts to build?

This is an amazing game! I played all the way up to day 56, with 15 villagers. Slowly, however, my game started stuttering, then started running at below 1 fps. This happened after a farm expansion, anything I can do to fix this, besides for waiting 10 minutes for deconstructions?

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There were performance problems with having a lot of roads and people in the versions before v1.3.2, so downloading the latest client might speed up the game.

If you're already on the latest version, please send over your savefile so I can have a look what's slowing down your game. On Windows, it's located here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\pyramid2. Just the file corresponding to your save slot is enough. Thanks!

I've found out what's been lagging it, and it's the Antelope, if any of my people come within 3 tiles of them, the game slows to a crawl. Luckily you can hunt them from outside their lag range, and I'm slowly purging my map of these laggy devils!


Thanks, fixed this in v1.4!

Game breaking bug, seemingly at random, the main hut will completely disappear from the game, disallowing me from collecting any food at all. i have not gotten to the pantry yet to even attempt to store things after this happens, because I have not been quick enough to avoid the consequence of having nowhere to store food. Please make the main hut more persistent somehow.

That's very strange! Does this happen at any point in particular, like saving and loading the game, or placing a building? Will try to see if I can fix it!

This happened to me twice as well. The second time I saw that it happened when I reassigned an "idle" villager to destroy a wall. Since the game often reads hunters as idle, it assigned a villager with food in their hands to destroy the wall. The villager was headed to the town center with the food- instead of depositing the food, the villager destroyed the town center. It's game breaking, as doggg91 says. 

Thanks for the detailed report, managed to fix it in v1.4. Download the game again to update! Unfortunately, the saves without a town center will remain without it.

Thanks for the update. Extremely luckily, I rage quit as soon as I saw it happen that second time and when I opened again, the destruction hadn't been completed so I got to finish out that save. 

From what I can tell it only occurs when going 4x speed. Sometimes while carrying food.

Speaking of food, please please please buff the food collection per piece bread.

Or at least give me a hint as to how to maintain food level. XD

Fixed the bug in v1.4!


Hey great game! Major throwback to city builders like Zeus: Master of Olympus. Here are some suggestions I thought of during my two playthroughs.

I wish that you could disable certain items being accepted at drop points - this would greatly improve the ease of organizing your supply chain. (i.e. log shed would have an option to only accept logs so planks must go elsewhere) Actually, implementing a way to easily transport goods between drop sites would be very nice, too. If not a player-controlled human, perhaps a slow pack animal that runs resources around (benefits from roads)? To fit with the game, it could be something like selecting point A, point B, and the resource to move (and it would keep moving it until there is nothing to move or the destination is full). A player would use this to funnel resources from the edges of the map to their town center.

Since microing your peeps to fight off skeletons disrupts most of your villager's activities, an option to see a summary of the number of workers on each job would be extremely useful! (ex. 3 bakers, 4 farmers etc.)

Game crashed before I could build the pantry (not sure if it is a dropsite), but please consider implementing another (less resource intensive) food dropsite!

Probably the toughest to implement, but any plan on somehow incentivizing vilager pathing to use nearby roads? It's kind of tough to watch villagers path just off of your expensive brick road. I'd rather have them take the road than the slightly shorter absolute distance between points.

Not expecting any or all of these to be implemented, but I think the game could benefit! Great work! Had an afternoon of fun for sure.

Hi, thanks for the suggestions! Moving resources between storages is definitely something I thought about, but never implemented (also for the sake of simplicity). One thing you can do, is build a   "drop-off" log shed next to a sawmill,  where the sawer will the deposit their planks simply because it's the closest one.  The jobs list is a very good idea! Will see if I can implement this.

Sorry the game crashed for you - if you have the crash log, or could tell me what exactly happened, I'd love to see it so I can try to fix the game.

Villagers do prefer walking on roads, but only in order to take the fastest route.  The cost for a road-tile in the pahtfinding is about 0.75 that of a normal one. The more they prefer them, the slower the pathfinding gets, however.


Fun game! I found that if I enclose my town with walls and gates. Then when a worker is attempting to do an action that involves going through a gate I close it, which causes about half a second of lag, then they can do the action no matter where they were(which causes instant wood transportation to the stockpile, the ability to build buildings from the opposite side of the wall, or really just do any action that is on the other side of the wall). I don't know if this is a problematic bug, but I figure I should mention it.


Thanks for the report! Will look into this soon.


Slight bug, menu says windmill costs 10/15, when actually building it seems to only cost 10/10

Thanks! Fixed in 1.3.1.

Awesome little game! Still struggling to get past day 10, but I'm slowly getting there. :)

One thing: I couldn't manage to remove/destroy walls after I built them. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


Never mind, I just read the comment below.
"For demolishing already built buildings, u just have to have a villager selected first, then click the button and select the building u wanna destroy"

I'll try this. :)

Yes, once you've built something, people have to actually demolish it by hand again to remove it!

Deleted post

It's in Game Maker: Studio 1.4!

Deleted post

Hi. Game is really good and I enjoyed it a lot. How to start new game? I only have three saved games of my perished colonies and can't start new one. Also how to demolish or cancel buildings? Thank you!

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You can go into ur settings, and theres an option to delete game save slots :)

as for th other one, theres a little hammer shape with an 'x' next to it up the top u can use to cancel building plans. For demolishing already built buildings, u just have to have a villager selected first, then click the button and select the building u wanna destroy.

Thank you!

Game really doesn't like something that I have done.

Game lags up and becomes unplayable. People stand around with goods in hand not doing their jobs when it is playable. Legit having a Starvation cause the baker folks are just standing in the Haybarn with wheat and not processing it.

I have enclosed the whole town in walls, I have gates open so they can go in and out, but the game really doesn't like something.

Note, Would love it if there was a way to designate what goes into what storage. Miner mine faster than the Mason converts meaning that you will fill your stone storage with raw stone faster.

Hi, sorry you're having trouble! Are you on the latest version (v1.2)? The older versions have some problems with the pathfinding which should be fixed. If you are on v1.2, I'll see what I can do to find the problem. As a side-note, you can assign multiple people to one mason/bakery. Hope that helped!

I had just paidfor and downloaded the game around an hour before I posted, so unless you updated between the purchase and post. Yeah its the most recent version.

Already have like 5 people working one Mill. So that wasn't the problem. It was liturally a case where dispite the Mill being 2 tiles away from the Hayshed, the people were standing there lost.

As for the Masonary/Miner problem, again it was a case of dispite there being a spot opened by the Mason taking the raw rock from the Storage, they would not add the Cut Rock into the same slot they had just removed, Even with no miners working against them. Still to say that Mining is VERY fast considering.

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Just uploaded v1.3. It fixes a freeze involving antelopes, makes the game run faster and improves the pathfinding. Hope that fixes the lag.

The stonemason might have not been picking up stones because they were reserved by builders on their way to pick them up. As for the windmill, I'm not sure what the problem might be. The new patch does improve pathfinding again so might just fix the issue. Would help if you could send your savefile so I could have a look at what's happening!

Edit: 1.3.1 also optimizes roads: if you had a lot of those, this new build will probably make the game a lot faster!

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I get the same problem as this fella its either i explore something with a character or something like that. I am on the v1.2 version and i get this problem :/ Overall i enjoyed the game still so yee. I just wanted to keep playin and i was being held up by lag that makes the game unplayable.

Only if i had mac to fix the problem :(

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Sorry you're having trouble, will do my best to fix it! A few more questions: are you on OSX? There's a problem there because of which I can't do a certain optimization which might be causing the problem. Been trying to find a way to do this anyways.

It would also help if you could send me your savefile so I can see what's going on. On Windows, the game is saved under C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\pyramid2. On OSX: ~Library/Application Support/pyramid2. Just the save in question is enough. Thanks!

Edit: just uploaded v1.3. It fixes a freeze involving antelopes, makes the game run faster and improves the pathfinding.

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Here is a google drive link and if you dont trust the link i can send the contents of it but it looks a gigantic text file.

Perfect, thanks!

Think I've found the issue: your world has a lot of roads, which make it harder for the pathfinding to predict the cost of a certain path, slowing it down quite a lot. 

I've uploaded version 1.3.1, which makes antelopes and skeletons ignore roads in pathfinding, optimizes it for people (by giving roads less priority), and optimizes the drawing code for roads. The save now runs just fine on my machine. Hope it will run better for you now as well.

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Thanks bruh it did help. however another problem has occoured. After setting up my next farm the game started to slow down alot. I noticed frame drops when the villagers were a calculating a path too. anyway I'll send you file like last time I have made considerably more paths this time too so be exited!

Edit: I loaded it and it was fine... for a few seconds. wait a couple secs and you will see what I mean

Also do you have a discord or something where i can submit bugs or problems instead of putting them on the itch page?

Made a fully closed off base, with a maze-like entrance, and the pathfinding seemed to really not like that. Ended up freezing and losing my save :(

Only complaining cause I really like it and want to play more <3 

it's kind of the survival/basebuilding game I've been wanting to make just for myself for a long time, and now I don't have to :)

also really feels like the first 10 mins of an age of empires game which is the best part

it's a good game ruben

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Have you downloaded the latest version? 1.2 greatly improves the pathfinding. Might even make your save playable again! I'm glad you like it so much, definitely tried to capture the feeling of starting out in AoE with this game.

Is there a way to swivel walls around? so far it seems like you can only build them facing one way. Thx!

Use Q and E to rotate buildings!

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Every few games i try, the Strange and Distant Traveller refuses to interact with the villager that approaches it, even tho the camera does the swoopy thing that it usually does. Is this a bug? Or are we only meant to interact with them after a certain milestone has been reached?

(Also it's very easy for the poor little guy to remain held down by 3 or 4 skeletons that swarm around him.)

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Oh no! This should be fixed in the latest version though. Could you check that you’re on v1.1.3 or higher? Thank you!

hi! just tried the mac version on a recent/fast mac book and it's unplayable due to lag i think? as soon as I select a save file game goes to about 1FPS. circle transition takes forever to finish then game is just a slideshow. :/

There was a game-breaking bug on OSX in version 1.1.3! Downloading the new version should fix the issue - so sorry!

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Loving this one. Confused on Day 15 where none of the skeletons attack anymore, also people are starting not to complete tasks even when there are no problems? It seems like there is an increasing delay in successful pathing, eventually the game just crashes after a few minutes even when I restart the game.  Unfortunately unsuccessful pathing does not pause the starvation meter haha. 

also, the fact that farming is so much less efficient than hunting offers an interesting difficulty curve, but it's so extreme that 3/4 of my civ has to be dedicated to food production. Possible balancing issue. 

The first issue could be a problem with the pathfinding, which was largely improved since version 1.1.3 (people couln't find paths if the goal was too far away). Could you check that you're on the latest version? Thanks!

Updated and the original save was not fixed. I suspect it might have to do with the fact I have a lot of roads in circles like street blocks. There might be too many road paths being calculated? Only 11 citizens tho. 

I can't figure out the controls at all, I keep trying everything but the little guys won't move

select is either click or click and drag to create a selection box. Right click assigns any person to any task. Some tasks like gathering you right click on the grass. Some tasks you right click on the buildings. It goes select unit > select target. Then you can click anywhere else to deselect the unit. A unit will have a yellow line on the ground when selected when they have succesfully found a path to their next task. 

Kids will not do any work because that is unethical :)

There is a game-breaking bug with the pathfinding on OSX with version 1.1.3! I've just fixed it in v1.2: downloading the new version should enable you to move people again by selecting them with LMB and assigning with RMB. Sorry it wasn't working & thanks for the report!

Thanks I was worried I was just an idiot!

there's a bug (or cheat) where the well irrigates a farm even when it's not done building. I did have a mining camp, but it had 0/15 stone and still irrigated a nearby farm.

love the game but I very often get stuck in the death-loop when 2 or 3 skeletons have just entered my encampment and repeat-slaughter my villagers which then causes them to starve. 

Fixed the wells issue in v1.2! Try building a hunting hut sooner to deal with the skeletons: teaming up on one with 3 people should enable you to kill it. It also enables hunting which is a good source of food after the berries deplete.

please add a pause button (or tell me what it is)

You can quit and then load the save and that effectively works as a pause. 

Yeah but I multi task between different programs and it would be real helpful for a pause or escape to a window so the game isn't running in the background

Hi, I feel stupid... But when I asign my villagers to work they won't start working. 

There’s a bug making the game unplayable on OSX in v1.1.3, that might be it. Trying to fix that now!

I downloaded the windows version and it's giving me an error ):

You probably don't have DirectX yet or you are missing a driver either way. You can download the necessary driver for free with this link:

hey, great game! I just joined your patreon too! how do you get your villagers to drop the wood they've gathered? they dont seem to do anything else after gathering one piece of wood?

Thank you! For them to drop wood, you first have to build a log shed. They build it using the wood the have in their hands. To just make them throw away what they're holding, use the  "drop" command at the top of the screen.

ohhh! thank you so much!

I downloaded the Mac version, but got an error message saying 'unable to find game!!!' :(

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Move the game to a different folder! This usually fixes the issue.

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AHA that worked :) ty
also love your guys' work.. i'm playing it now and its a terrific little game.

How do I use the Archery building? There didn't seem to be an option on it when I had a person selected.


It only unlocks archery, you can just right-click deer or skeletons to get people to shoot at them if you have built it.


can I put the mining camp anywhere?

Yeah - you can't place buildings in the fog though? It also serves as a storage.

do I need a well to replenish farms? or are they single use


They regrow when they are next to water - the tooltip will change to  "irrigated" when the spot is OK. A well also works to make them regrow.

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