v1.2: Important OSX Fix + Wells

Hey all!

Another patch for the game! In v1.1.3 on OSX, you couldn't control villagers because the pathfinding was broken. If you're on OSX and the game wasn't working for you, please try this new build! Changelog:

  • Fixed the pathfinding on OSX, which made the game unplayable in v1.1.3
  • Fixed wells counting as water even when they are not built.

Thanks for playing & reporting bugs! We're a small team with no QA available to us, so we're thankful people are mostly very understanding when it comes to bugs/glitches. If there's any problem with the game, please let us know!

- rub


pyramida.app.zip 29 MB
Aug 05, 2020
pyramida.exe 25 MB
Aug 05, 2020

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