v1.4: Disappearing Town Center + Fixes

Another update fixing a couple of issues. Changelog:

  • Fixed a bug where the town center would be destroyed if you assigned a person holding food to destroy something.
  • Fixed a bug where opening or closing a gate would let people do work from a distance.
  • Fixed slow-down when a deer is trying to run away from a person but can't find a way out.
  • Fixed windmill shadows drawing over the fog/water
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to assign someone with cargo to work on a storage which was not yet built
  • Made the sounds for stone less loud
  • School now costs rock instead of cut stone.

Remember that you need to download the game again for it to update. The filename is the same, but the version number corresponds to the patch numbers.

Thanks for playing! 

- rub


pyramida.app.zip 29 MB
Aug 09, 2020
pyramida.exe 25 MB
Aug 09, 2020

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Thanks dude for the constant development and fixes. :)