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Stacklands is a village builder where you stack cards to collect food, build structures, and fight creatures.

For example, dragging a 'Villager' card on top of a 'Berry Bush' card will spawn 'Berry' cards which the villagers can eat to survive!

Sell Cards 💰

You can also sell cards to get coins which you can use to buy Card Packs. Packs contains multiple cards that you can use to expand your village. Every pack has a focus such as Cooking, Farming or Building. 

At the end of every Moon you'll need to feed your villagers - make sure you have enough food, or your villagers will starve!

Features 🔥

  • 🃏 200+ Cards to collect
  • 💡 60+ Ideas to find
  • ✅ 50+ Quests to complete
  • 📦 13 different Card Packs to buy
  • 🕒 5-7 hours of playtime

Combat 🗡️

A Villager bumping into an evil creature will engage in an automatic battle. Fight Goblins, Bears, Rats and more! Improve your Villager's combat abilities by giving them weapons or by making them team up against enemies.

Find new Ideas 🧠

Expand your village by finding Idea Cards. An Idea Card will tell you how to create new cards, for example: stack 2 Wood, 1 Stone and 1 Villager to build a House.


Made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon


Get this game and 96 more for $199.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Stacklands_v1.1.5 (PC).zip 94 MB
Stacklands_v1.1.5 (macOS).zip 104 MB

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When you set diffrent foods in the meshhall, leave the game, and then rejoin. Taking out the food is glitchy and causes a kind of explosion of all the foods of the stack


I found more cards than available? ;)

Lmao, propably forgot to add rumors

This game is so amazing. Seriously, it’s wonderful. Thank you for making it! I hope it sells a ton, and I hope you can continue to expand it! I only just started playing it yesterday and I’m hooked!

I know right?! I've been waiting to play for 3months because when I bought it I didnt have the right laptop to play it :/ Enjoy


make it free


Or pay like $5


my parents wont let me


:o its like 2 pieces of candy worth, I just did some chores and even bought it twice (cause Im an idiot)


excuse my bad english , but from time in time the game randomly crash

Its propably a little bug :

I wonder when we will be seeing new steam/in-game achievements!

i saw on tiktok, used the trailer on pc stacklands and have the game innit (pls idk)

but its gone now, but the the game is still same but reskinned


just why...



j'adore ce jeux !!!

I love this game !!!


Poderiam cria o jogo para Android ;( eu amei o jogo porém não tenho computador :( vi videos do jogo <3

there is really a problem of graphic optimization, it's a pity, it's quite nice otherwise


I haven't been able to get the shark to work. I tried putting raw meat into the fish trap and once the completion bar fills up it just stays up. I can take the raw meat away and the bar still stays up so I figured it was a bug.

Hi I just bought this game but I can't install it using the itch windows app. Any idea what's causing this?

Yes, same problem here (I think they need to tick the correct boxes on their end to enable the launcher to find the right installation). So annoying because this option is so easily missed and yet so easily resolved :).

I just checked today and it seems like they've fixed it now :D

Yes I noticed thanks for letting me know (I sneakily installed it in steam so all good).


i am poor so i cannot get this game

Hi y'all! I can't install using the itch launcher on Windows (you might need to tick the right install options in the game upload). Thanks!

Can you please add a version number to the title screen? I have no idea which version I'm running and I'm also confused about how to get the update that Retromation showed on YouTube on July 1st. Does he have early access to it somehow?

Nvm he said in the intro that it's a beta version for Patreon supporters. But having the version visible in-game would still be very nice so that I can correlate release notes to whatever version I'm playing from Steam.

(2 edits)

P.S. This game is incredible. Please keep updating it. It's easily the new Stardew Valley if you put your heart and soul into content updates. Idk what you did differently in this game vs. your others, but you're seriously onto something huge here. Also, feel free to raise the price by a dollar or two each content update. That's how Minecraft released and it makes sense for you to make more money as the game gets longer, while also giving incentive to early adopters to keep playing it and sharing it due to the free updates.

I purchased this game before it came out on steam but i never received a steam key. Can i please get one?


I purchased this game before it came out on steam but i never received a steam key. Can i please get one?

Please make this game available on android. I promise i will buy it.

hiii software designer here who would love to help you make this for Android/iOS. lmk if you want help!


It'll be fantastic if this game comes for android.


Could you make it for android?

I agree with this question plz do

Can't this game give more Berry Bushes? I churned through a dozen packs and got 1 total!!

lmao I always have to sell them... I just wanted soil and flint :/


Question: When the game updates, will I be able to download the updated versions from this site?


Really addictive game that strikes a great balance between being chill and challenging, and is backed up by a beautiful artstyle.

the kind of game that you plan to play for a few minutes and end up getting sucked in for hours

(1 edit) (+1)

I stopped with counting in hours a few days ago xD 

Edit: Watched the video, lmao I made like 10 spears and had an army since day5 (cant say didnt I lose 20 before that)

(1 edit)

Yep, i definitely wasn't prepared to put up any kind of defense, i should have known that's the most important part of running a village


Is there ever gonna be a mobile version

When is update?


I would love to buy this game however I’m not seeing a native linux version. Do you think you could make one so that I could then feel comfortable paying for this game? Thank you!


It works perfectly fine with Wine / Proton. I played it on Steam. No problems at all.


Wine/Proton is not sufficient to pay for a game because there’s no guarantee of support from the developer. A native version needs to exist for this support guarantee.

And I don’t want to use Steam.


Then don't buy/support it.


That’s the plan, if the developer never makes a native linux version. I’m not sure why this needed to be said.

Just one thing, I don't really see the point in your comment. You are free to make your choices without making them public knowledge. As a very small portion of the operating system user base, any complaints we have don't matter, especially when the game itself is rated platinum on protondb.com (meaning, a flawless experience using Proton).

Regards, a fellow Linux enthusiast.


The point of my comment is to ask the developer to consider making a native Linux version of the game. None of you are the developer so I really don’t know why any of you are replying to me.

You got your answer, so whats with everything that came next?

I just bought your game and I am already addicted to playing it! Trying to expand my village while keeping everything under control and not die is a challenge but fun! Can't wait to play more and can't wait for the update! 

I have just bought and tried launching the game, but also ran into a variant of the Mac issue.  I experienced the same behaviour with both the standalone Stacklands.app and launching using Steam.  v1dra's fix was necessary to launch the standalone app.  This is Stacklands v1.0.11 on macOS 10.14.6.

Upon launch, the Sokpop animation runs but slowly.  Right after, in the game menu the game freezes with very high CPU usage.  Because it's full screen by default, there is no way to exit, and the only way out is a hard reboot.  Unpleasant!

Such a large spike in CPU usage quickly paralyzing the computer is symptomatic of a "while(true)" loop without break or with insufficient sleep time.

I'm looking forward to hearing an update from the devs.  Please run tests on a Mac before each new version release... or stop claiming that this game is Mac compatible (many games are correctly advertised as Windows-only).

I forgot to mention that the game auto-detected my OS language and launched in French: I'm saying this in case this specific issue could have been introduced with the additional languages in v1.0.11.  That being said, based on the comments on this page it looks like users have been experiencing such issues on Mac with earlier versions of the game.

Fixed in v1.1.5.  Thank you, I can now play the game!

nice!! I had to buy windowpc for other reasons and had kinda the same problem but it didnt fix itself


Can there be a Chrome OS or Android version? I can't really play it and I really want to! Please make a version for Android or Chrome OS users. Thanks!

Cow farm

sick man, how did you get so many cows?

Thanks, buy tons of "Reap & Sow"

500 is max huh, love how chests were stackable since the new update xD

Here is the Chicken farm

I use Frittata because they also use egg and potato but give productivity

Hi, I am back playing your games (: 

Simmiland was so good and you did it again with Stacklands. Trying to speed run your game again and it is quite the challenge. Getting a lot of chickens was the key and making omelettes out of the eggs for food, for this process you don't need humans, so they can do other stuff. One game I played, I had two temples and spawned in two demons at the same time. I had an army of 10 so it wasn't that difficult. Some funny thing I found is that you can cell you coin chest in the market. Can't wait for a new update :)


I had an army of 15 and struggled with 1 demon, damn!

Cute <3

The same with the Mac problem. Bought it for 4€ on Steam but it just shows a black screen. And since I have never used Terminal the instructions given are very confusing ':) 

If someone could help please react

Hi, I have some experience with the Linux terminal, I hear its pretty much the same, so I could give you a hand if you are still in need. :)

Here is my Discord if you are interested: Johnny Joestar#7774

😬so I just used a windows computer

Hi, new to the Mac world. If I download the MacOs version here do I have another program then what is downloaded on Steam? That seems just one download... Does the program there 'see' the Mac and changes some settings?

And I hope someone can make a vid on how to open the terminal and type in those comments that are posted here. New Mac users are carefull to type in comments that they don't understand. Thanks and awesome game #whattagame ;-) Jake.


to make it work on mac do the following:
open the terminal where you put Stacklands.app and enter the following

chmod +x Stacklands.app/Contents/MacOS/Stacklands
xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine Stacklands.app/

It keeps saying "no such file or directory"

(6 edits)

You have to download and move Stacklands.app in the Application folder and then be in /Applications folder in terminal in order to those commands to work. If you type ls in the terminal, the Stacklands.app should be on the list, otherwise it won't work. I followed instructions from the Download page for MacOs first.

I have never worked with terminal before, could you give step to step instructions pls?

(4 edits)

Let's assume you download the game through this website.
I my case that was Stacklands_v1.0.11 (macOS).zip.

Double clicking it will unzip the contents into a folder with the same name. Inside the folder there is a Stacklands file. Drag it into the Applications folder. It should be under favourites on the left in Finder.

Now run the terminal.

type cd /Applications and press enter. This command will change the folder to where you dragged the file.

type ls then press enter. This command will list the contents of the Applications folder. Stacklands.app should be on there somewhere.

type chmod 775 Stacklands.app/Contents/MacOS/Stacklands and press enter. This command will change who can read / write that file. In my case, this will allow me read write permissions, group staff read write permissions and read only for everyone else.

type chmod +x Stacklands.app/Contents/MacOS/Stacklands and press enter. This command will allow execution of this file.

type xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine Stacklands.app/ and press enter.
In case the MacOS won't allow you to execute the command because it was downloaded from the web, extra attributes are added to the files.
We have to remove them using xattr. Option -d will delete a specific extra attribute. -r will do that recursively for every file and folder.

And that should do it.

Thx for the the detailed thingy.... But I bought it on Stream for a 1€ discount ':) 

When I type ''chmod 775 Stacklands.app/Contents/MacOS/Stacklands''  it sais ''no such file or directory''.

If u would know how to help me further add me on my friends on dc: Nasim ACNH#1019

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