Stacklands v1.0.5 + Steam Release

Steam Release

Fun news: Stacklands will release on Steam today! If you bought the game on you'll get a Steam key. Check out the Steam page here to get excited!

Changelog v1.0.5

Also: update 1.0.5 is live! It is mostly a boring small update but here's a changelog anyway.

  • Added a Coin Chest card
  • Changed location of save file (old save will still be kept)
  • Made a small change to food priority: food with lower coin value is now eaten before food with higher coin value in certain circumstances
  • Steam: added Steam Cloud saves


Stacklands_v1.0.5 (PC).zip 53 MB
Apr 07, 2022
Stacklands_v1.0.5 (macOS).zip 62 MB
Apr 07, 2022

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I have bought this game over a year ago. How can i redeem steam key? Is there any support page to contact or something like that?

Which is the current path of the file saves?


How do you get the steam key for those of us that bought it here on Itch?


1) Link your account to steam (if you haven't already). To link, go to Settings -> Misc: Connected accounts

2) Go to "My Library" and click Download under Stacklands. There should be a button to redeem a steam key.

Oh thank you!