Stacklands v1.0.7

Yooooo what's up everyone. Here's the changelog for v1.0.7! It has some pretty nice features so make sure you read it all

Changelog v1.0.7


  • Added Animal Pen (I finally caved in)
  • Added Peaceful Mode and Long Moon options when you start a new run
  • End of Moon feeding animation speeds up as it feeds more villagers, meaning it's less tedious to sit through the feeding sequence.
  • It's now possible to pay the Travelling Cart using Coin Chests
  • Quarry now has a chance of dropping flint
  • Increased coin value of Iron Bar
  • The undiscovered cards in the booster pack info are now at the top of the list instead of the bottom
  • Added a seperate toggle for Music and SFX
  • Slightly buffed the Apple Tree


  • Fixed Coin Chest not having any text in the Cardopedia
  • Fixed Skeleton dropping too many cards on death
  • Fixed Clear Save option not working

Known Issues

  • macOS (M1?) version crashes on startup or during opening the first Card Pack. I currently don't have access to an M1 Mac but I hope to look into it soon. Sorry!


Stacklands_v1.0.7 (PC).zip 53 MB
Apr 10, 2022
Stacklands_v1.0.7 (macOS).zip 62 MB
Apr 10, 2022

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when i click on the file after installing it does nothing can you help me get into the game. can i have a refund please

it cost me 6.15 so can i at least have 4 dollars back please

Please let us run this in a browser if possible. I'd love to play this during work where I can't download anything.


You could try running it off of a usb stick.

See that's hard when the remote worker I have to use won't let us go into any folders.


you should try doing work at work




still not starting on Mac OS. It seams the binary is broken. The work around does not help.

Has anybody successfully run the later versions on a Mac at all?

Hi ollix! I successfully run the game in a Macbook Pro (intel) with Monterey 12.2.1.

I’ve just had to run both of these commands: sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/ sudo xattr -cr /path/to/

After these commands I think you should be able to run it. If not you can enter the discord server for sokpop. They are super receptive and we can help you better there.

Ahh. Great!
So the work around is to run these commands on the and not inside the package, like I suggested before. 

Thanks a lot!