Stacklands v1.0.8

yo yo yo! aran here, here is an update!

Changelog v1.0.8

Big fixes

  • Fixed crash when opening the booster pack/clicking a card
  • Possibly fixed the M1 macOS build? Let me know if it works!


  • Added short moon mode (very hard!)
  • It's now possible to move cards while the game is paused
  • You can now breed chickens

Bug fixes

  • Fixed stacks occassionally moving upwards automatically
  • It's no longer possible to earn money from selling Coin Chests
  • Fixed animals being able to stack on top of each other
  • Fixed extremely game breaking bug where the sell box was ever so slightly out of alignment with the other booster pack boxes (lol)


  • Made Explorers and Order and Structure packs more expensive
  • Market is now slower
  • Increased coin chest capacity to 100
  • Brickyards and sawmill now require 2 stone and 2 wood respectively, but it does produce a lot faster
  • Rabbits spawn poop less often
  • Progress bars are now visible while game is paused
  • Skeleton and Small Slime can now drop keys


Stacklands_v1.0.8 (PC).zip 53 MB
Apr 12, 2022
Stacklands_v1.0.8 (macOS).zip 62 MB
Apr 12, 2022

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Confirming that the macOS build now works fine on M1, thanks for looking into it!

Oh hey again :)

Played the short moon version yesterday (apples meta now huh) and won in about 2 hours ~

Anyhow, do you think that you'll implement more content to the game perhaps ?

Like more quests, maybe side stories with more items ? Adding a fishing pond would be great for instance !

P.S: If you choose to do so, best of luck !! I know it takes time :)


Hey Aran !

Great Patch, lots of good stuff !! Will try short moon asap

Also, do you think you can implement automation in farms ? Like for carrots so that one goes in the stack and the original one stays in the farming card

Have a fantastic day !!