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Great game! Had fun playing it, but I could beat the main quest in the second run.

I think the mechanic is fun and it is a great game. I will look to see how this evolves but even if there is no change to the game I think it is worth it.

Thinking about what could improve, I wanted to be able to organize my board while the game is paused or create some way to make it easier to manage a big board as it can get messy. Basically I started using the time I had to sell extra cards to organize my board.

Keep up the good work. The art of the game is also great!

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quick note - there doesn't seem to be any way to start a fresh run? so I hit clear save, thinking it would do that....and I just deleted all my progress.... I have a terrible memory so I don't really remember a single recipe so I'm starting from scratch, but you should add a new run option, and maybe a warning box of what clear save actually is.

another technical note - in the itch launcher when i start the game it gives 3 .exe options? i'm not sure if it's seeing all the version updates as separate....? but something weird is going on and I'm not sure which to click.

Other than that, still loving the game :)

very cool game.


I find it very annoying that villagers can just eat anything they want. I was trying to get more unions through gardening, but the villagers kept eating them out of the garden, Even though I had plenty of food around.

It seems that the logic is to prioritize eating such that at least one item of each kind is preserved. So if you have multiple onions (all in garden) and a lone berry elsewhere, the vils will eat onions because (it thinks) you may want to preserve the berry for farming. 

I would understand, but I think I had like 5-6 carrots and they kept just eating random stuff, even though I also had a stew ready. Some way to force them to eat some food would be nice. Maybe let them eat the thing they are closest to. Its quite frustrating that when you try to make stew they keep eating unions from your gardens.

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Amazing game, just finished it.

My thoughts:

Give us a way to burn coins, or to trade them into a pile of coins card. they stack super fast and after some moons i didn't even need them anymore, maybe increase the cost of later packs (20c second to last, 30c last one).

Whenever i sold anything, my coins started to jump all over the board, maybe try to reduce the minimal distance between cards, or try expanding the board a little (got mine with 132 cards, and had to throw all my coins to the side and stack them in a bugged way).

The only advantage I think my giant stack of coins bought to me was to separate enemies on early game to fight them slower, and it secured my wins.

Farms are ridiculously strong, they should consume the soil when used, so you can't spam create farms, and carrots are really OP.

When you get a foil, maybe it could show on the Cardopedia, it was really sad when i got a Foil Stone and needed it. =(

The graveyard and the dog have really obscure recipes, maybe adding some clues inside the game.

I didn't found any way to upgrade my Militia into Swordsman, dunno if it was intended.

Feeding your troops is really slow, a speed-up button ould be really welcome. =)

The numbers on the top of the screen bugged as they got too big (see screenshot).

Sometimes my units got stuck in combat, and eventually they got free, but their cooldowns were almost zero, so the boss fight was really anticlimatic, i had too many guys and the boss didn't even attack me once.
And i got no prompt to cancel the summoning, dunno if it was intended too.

Anyway, the game is fantastic, it's like a Cultist Simulator without all the depressing things that game has, I really really loved it.

And got my poor explorer mauled by a bear, 10/10 would explore the forest again. 

This was my board after getting the last card to finish the collection. Only lost 3 guys (explorer + 2 militia). It was my second run.

I sold everything to build space, and notice the coins stacked in an unintended way on the side. D=


Made it to 100+ moons. The game is very fun and hoping we'll see expansion packs in the future.


They would rather eat the crops growing than the cooked food.

I have 3 Omlettes to feed them, but they pull the carrots out of the farms instead.


Agree with this! Is it possible to prioritize all prepared meals before they eat the fresh fruits/veggies first?


please please please, implement an way to affix/pin stacks because it is painful that most of my buildings are pushed around whenever any of them produce anything and for this very reason I have to also kill all cows and rabbits, they make havok out of my board.

Also, the game gets too insane at later moons and is not playable because of the sheer amount of stuff; this could be improved a lot by being able to drag cards/stacks while paused.

how do I download older versions of this game?


Gamebreaking bug, after combat sometimes a villager will get stuck. Can't be moved or stacked. Please fix, it's ruined multiple runs for me!!

This happened to me as well.


if you go back to the main menu it should be fixed when you continue. will fix it soon.

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Wish the villagers would eat my huge stack of stew instead of raw onions and carrots


I would love to play this at work. It would be handy if I could minimize the game. Also, if the game is minimized it would pause automatically. Thank you. Such a good game!


I get an error The application “Stacklands_macOS_v1.0.3” can’t be opened.

Running macOS Monterey 12.3 on a MacBookPro14,3 (2017 retina)


Same error here.


Is there a way this gets into Steam?
A few of your last games seem amazing but its almost impossible for me to buy outside Steam


will come to steam next week!

It instantly crashes whenever I click to open a pack, can't even play the tutorial T_T Any idea how I can fix it?

what platform are you on?

on pc, using the windows ver.

Some sort of bug happened with the 1.0.3 release. When I open my game, there is no board. I believe I was on Moon 12, as that's what it says I am, but the timer doesn't move. It is like it's trapped in a weird save state, like the time running boolean is turned off. No board, no cards. It says I have 30/20 cards, so maybe the game is waiting for me to sell 10 cards or something, even though it's in the middle of the Moon cycle, but either way, no board so.... what's a brotha to do?

ah sorry! maybe you can still play with the 1.0.2 version?

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I got attacked by three giant rat and a bear at the same time, they spawned from a portal at moon 24, is it a scripted event or am I unlucky ? I wasn't prepared so they just mauled my 3 dudes to death in a matter of seconds.

Extremely infuriating bug. At random an enemy will decide, it does not want to be fought. But you can not leave battle. If has gotten so bad that now the enemy "line" is BEYOND THE BORDERS OF THE VISIBLE PLAY AREA. If I add another Villager to it, they almost instantly die due to the difficulty of fighting THAT MANY ENEMIES. Currently trying to just get a STUPID amount of Sheds[or maybe warehouses if I have the patience]. The enemies also take up almost all my Card space, making it incredibly difficult to do anything. I also can not create a 3rd villager, since that requires having 2 spare villagers.

Note: IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET MORE VILLAGERS. The Old Village Exploration zone. 





So. I spawned a SECOND villager. It despawned the 1st on dying, but made the 2nd immortal! YAY!!!


Hi devs! Would it be alright to create a wiki for this game? For those of us who don't mind a little helpful spoiler here and there.

go ahead!


Thanks! For anyone who's interested to contribute:

So I may have missed the information but any hints on how to get the dog ?

Same, it says I'm missing 1 Human and 1 Food, but I have bought every pack until they stopped listing unknown drops, explored every location until they stopped listing unknowns. I've done every other quest so it feels like an unlisted combination, and even did the ritual twice but no dog :(


try something with a wolf :)

And I always wondered what's the bone used for… Hahaha! I'll have a try!

Having the hardest time acquiring flint!  I only get one in about 15 packs.  I'm suspecting it is craftable and is the "Idea" right after "Stick" (the only Idea of haven't unlocked), but I've tried every combination I can think of to try and create flint with no luck.

we were in the same boat! we got some from punching rocks which helped

Ope.  It's cooked meat actually.  So... yeah it looks like there's no good way to get flint.

Fantastic game! I just beat the game within the first 5 hours of purchase. It had me hooked since the moment I booted up the program. My game did crash one time during my playthrough but I was very glad all my progress was saved. I am finding it difficult to get 10 ideas on the board all at once, since they stopped dropping from the packs. I consider that last achievement to be impossible at the moment. Hopefully I can complete that last checkbox in the next run.

To the devs, thank you very much for the beautiful game! I look forward to your release next month!

thanks for the kind words! that 10 ideas quest is broken, will fix in 1.0.3!


hi there, i cant open the game on MacOs 
it says Apple cannot check it for malicious software.


If I buy it here, will I also get a steam key when it comes out there?

(I prefer steam because the platform auto-updates games but I also don't want to wait a week to play the game).



When will the game be available on Steam?


Next week!


This game is so fun! Great job y'all <3

One small issue I'm running into: the game keeps crashing when I'm stacking coins, specifically after I get a big chunk from the Market. I'm running the game on Windows. Let me know if any additional info would help cuz I wanna keep playing, but it keeps happening T-T


I tried installing it for macOS but it keeps telling me it can't be opened:( is there something I am missing?

What is cheaper? buying the game or subscribing to the patreon?



This game looks intresting, but i can't buy it :(

I really enjoyed the game.  More little bits of feedback.

Late game gets really messy and I love it.  I got around that by constantly pausing, lining up how I was going to move a card, then unpaused->moved card->paused again.  This was especially important for larger fights as I would pause, then do the unpause->move->pause trick to make sure the enemy was fighting all of my warriors without delay.

It was fun figuring out how I could exploit the pause/unpause to optimize my time in the messy late game.  But now I feel I may have "cheated" somewhat, like I was trying to turn this real-time game into a pseudo turn-based by staying in paused time so much.

Thanks again for a fun game!  I hope you have time to add more little things and interactions!

Damn ... Thank you, I just realized you can indeed pause the game. I stopped playing because it was way too messy after a while and I didn't have enough time to do what I needed to do.

how do I grow a berry bush?

I think I figured it out. wasn't super obvious I could buy the humble beginnings multiple times but I'm very smart so I figured it out on my own and don't need any help thank you fun game

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Got this from the patreon.  Love it!  Got the secret boss from the temple combination.  I love the gameplay similar to Cultist Simulator but in a simpler, non-eldiritch setting.  Very well executed!

Played for 5 hours straight.  Could not figure out how to 

- build a brickyard

- get a dog 

- missing 2 recipes (have Frittata, Fruit Salad, Omelette, and Stew)

Some of the missing recipes were missing - fixed in v1.0.2! -Aran

Thanks for the heads up!  One more thing I wanted to add: I love the physics of the cards being pushed around all over the place.  felt satisfying how often I had to rearrange everything.


So good, this game scratches so many of my itches in such a good way.

I am kinda bummed at how messy it gets later on though, I dislike how so many things move the cards you place somewhere (this card spawning a new one, or just any NPC moving around - a chicken can push around an effin mine), making it impossible to have stuff be orderly. I feel like i spend most my time tidying stuff up.

I'd love to have buildings be immoveable, and in general abilities like maybe a building that collects all the wood in the map and puts it in one place? Or being able to move cards around while pausing. Maybe I played too many factory games though.

Would love coins to take less room, too. Maybe combine them in piles of 10 coin?

I'd be fine building some structure to make a stack unbumpable... or a barn or something to keep the animals from moving.

this is so cool!!! really love the aesthetic and gameplay so far! My one big stumbling block is....I can never find a second villager? I just did about 5 runs and 3 of them got to the portal and never got a second that just bad luck or does something cause them to spawn? I thought it might be the house so I've been making that first and it doesnt seem to do anything.

The second villager always spawns in the 8th pack you buy, but it was kind of broken v1.0.1. It's fixed in v1.02!

great! thank you!

Sooooooo good!
But I'm gonna have to come back to finish it after the bugs get ironed out.
-Crash from dragging coin stacks over other coin stacks (might be only when involving coins from Marketplace. Not sure)
-If a villager wins a fight right when the Moon advances, they're stuck in fight-state and cant be stacked for the rest of the game.

(windows) I also got the game-crashing bug when combining money from the market place with other money.  Immediately after trying to merge them, every time, crashed.

Market bug is fixed in v1.0.2 :) Thanks for the info on the stuck in combat bug - ran into that before but wasn't sure what caused it. I'll look into it! -Aran

Ohhh cool I just picked up LuckItown (in my opinion your best game) this looks on the same level as quality cant wait to try it. 


So it's like cultist simulator but just playing it will immediately lure you into the cult of Sokpop?

Great game for now thhx

Heads up, i got a bug where i sell a carrot at the market, i get 4 coins, when i try to stack those 4 coins on the 4 coins i already own the game crashes.


Mac Version does not start - I double checked the security settings, so it's not the usual problem of MacOS denying to open. Can you please check the app again?
(MacOS 10.15.7, MBP 2019, CPU: I7, 16G RAM)


I made it run, opening the app package and make the Stackland binary executable. Not sure if that is the right way...

  • right-click program -> show package content
  • navigate to Contents/MacOs
  • Open Terminal in that directory
  • -> "chmod 775 Stackland"

Hope that helps other Mac Users

Nice, thanks for the help!!!

Thanks Ollix - Fix works  :)

Game is really great btw. 

Excellent Idea and game play!

Love it.

I just ran into the same issue, I'll try ollix's fix and report back

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