News: The Future of Stacklands

Hey everyone! Aran here, the developer & designer of Stacklands. We've been getting a ton of questions about new content for the game and this post is here to clear some things up.

Some background: Stacklands was released as part of the Sokpop Patreon, where we release a new game every month. We release a lot of games, so most of our games don't really get any updates. 

However, because Stacklands was so well received, we'll start working on content updates! We're planning to release a few updates that slowly introduce the new content. These will probably be released between mid May and the end of June. For every update we're aiming to add 50 to 100 cards, and after these updates Stacklands will move to version 2.0.

We already have some very exciting ideas for new content, that will both alter the current game, and add new stuff on top of it! We hope you'll like it!

I hope that explains our current plan for the game, if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. Thanks again to everyone who played the game!

- Aran

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Waiting for the content update! So excited, I check in everyday. I HOPE IT COMES SOON!

the beta is out now if you're a patreon

lovely game!

very excited to hear there are updates planned, loving this game! 


Are you thinking of releasing a Linux version?


I'd actually love late gate support in the form of specific storage cards for materials (like maybe a Fridge for food that gets eaten from first, storage bays for Wood, Stone, planks, etc.) Much like how the coin chests are for coins, or maybe different denominations for coins even!


I think there's definitely a lot of potential with modding to extend the game's replayability. Though I'm not sure how viable it is to make stacklands moddable.

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I'm not sure how the card data is stored, but it seems like all the card interactions are simple enough to be contained in JSON. If that is the case, then being able to edit/load custom JSON files would be pretty straightforward, hopefully!

Fingers crossed!


the game becomes this after playing for a little bit 😥


Also, it must be so thrilling to see the game receive so much positive attention haha

How does it feel ?


Yess !!!! Thank you so much :D

Can't wait for the release !!