Stacklands v1.0.6

Hello! Hope everyone's enjoying the Steam release. Here's the changelog for 1.0.6. 

Changelog v1.0.6


  • Progress for cards is no longer being reset the moment you start dragging a card
  • Babies will now eat food before villagers
  • The Quests and Ideas window in the top-left can now be minimized
  • You can now buy Card Packs directly with Coin Chests
  • You can now retrain certain specialized villager types
  • Increased the maximum world size even more


  • Increased the price of late-game Card packs
  • Babies and dogs now consume 1 food per moon
  • Swordsman now consume 3 food per moon
  • Increased time for baby to grow up
  • Slightly buffed Lumber Camp and Quarry
  • Nerfed the Market
  • Various combat balance changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where cards were in a different position after continuing a game
  • Fixed market recipe requiring a specific order


Stacklands_v1.0.6 (PC).zip 53 MB
Apr 09, 2022
Stacklands_v1.0.6 (macOS).zip 62 MB
Apr 09, 2022

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The itchio Version also is not startable on MacOS.
Even the work around does NOT help.

Please be so kind and fix the Mac OS executable.

thank you!


I have bought the steam version for this - unfortunately it crashes on MacOS M1 Pro on startup. I have played it on Windows and it works fine - it is a great game