Stacklands v1.0.3

Some small fixes incoming!!

v1.0.3 changelog

- Made flint slightly less rare

- Fixed being able to go over the max stack size of 20

- Fixed an edge case where cards could get stuck in a combat state

- Fixed 10 ideas quest


Stacklands v1.0.3 (Windows) 53 MB
Apr 02, 2022
Stacklands v1.0.3 (macOS) 62 MB
Apr 02, 2022

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Hi, is there anyway to get the dog??? It's pretty annoying, I finished the main quest and I'm missing only the dog! How can I get one?

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You get the dog by combining wolf with the bone

HI! i really enjoy this game, and have completed the main quest. the only thing i have an issue with is when in later moons, the food eating animation is a little anoying, as well as the coins get in the way when you have anything more than 40 coins they are in the way a lot, and their is a exploit with the coins that lets you just block enemies with them and easily win any combat by splitting up the enemies. these problems are minimal to the game, just quality of life problems 

Hi! I made it to day 40, I have a limit of 110 cards and a pretty well balanced 5 villagers, food for days and stuff like that. 

Yeah, flint is a problem and the 20 stack, well nothing that you can't fix with lots of Collums but with this download, will I lose it all? 😓

Also, thanks for the fix! I loved the game very very much. And Retromation brought me to you by a YouTube Video.