Stacklands v1.0.4

Hey everyone - Aran here with a quick update for Stacklands. Hope everyone is enjoying the game! Here's the changelog for v1.0.4:

Changelog v1.0.4

  • Made carrots grow slower (RIP carrot meta)
  • Added an early game use for Poop
  • Increased the maximum board size
  • Villagers now prefer cooked food
  • Changed the way card pushing is handled: buildings and mobs are now less pushable
  • Added a resolution select screen


  • Fixed numbers becoming too big in the UI
  • Fixed carrots and other growables not auto-stacking after growing
  • Fixed second and third villager quest being achieved if you train a militia
  • Fixed some stacking order bugs with certain recipes
  • Making a Farm now consumes the Soil correctly


    Stacklands v1.0.4 (Windows) 53 MB
    Apr 06, 2022
    Stacklands v1.0.4 (macOS) 62 MB
    Apr 06, 2022

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