v.1.4.9 (patch)

v1.4.9 changelog:

- you can now use inspect on items in the storage/base window UI

- potentially fixed the font cut-off bug
- potentially fixed tile bug upon loading a game
- maaaaaybe fixed that "black screen though with sound"-bug people had (please let me know if it still persists!)
- mankind will now pick up food that's lying around before starving even if their hunger bar is already depleted (added some kind of will to live i suppose)
- humans should now pick up tools before crafting new ones (unless they can't reach them)
- humans should now double check if food items are actually reachable
- humans should now get stuck in a corner anymore trying to grab items that were blown all the way there
- humans should now double check if an item is still reachable when gathering and will stop and do something else otherwise
- fixed animal pathfinding crash
- fixed gunpowder not getting recorded in the compendium when it's made
- changed the "Megapolis" achievement so you don't need to have a sky tower anymore, just 10+ population
- changed when charcoal is made in the oven it now shoots out of it to make it more clear that it happens (to extra clarify they only make charcoal when the research is done and fuel is at 5% or lower)
- researches in the compendium (when playing a game) are now highlighted yellow if you researched it in the current game
- disabled clicking on things in the world when cursor is on a window
- disabled playing cards when cursor is on a window (unless it's inspect on a storage item)

- changed the in-game achievement text for "City" so it reflects the right criterion
- changes some compendium logs to be more informative on some vague subjects

- fixed 'cooked drumstick' being referred to as 'seaweed'
- fixed card count at the end showing the wrong amount
- hopefully fixed the crash people reported in the forums
- tried some things to get rid of the 'cut off text' bug, but i suspect i'll have to look for another font
- changed the driver error message so that you can ignore it


simmiland_v1.4.9b_macosx.zip 46 MB
Dec 03, 2018
simmiland_v1.4.9.exe.zip 40 MB
Dec 03, 2018

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How i can built sky tower and oil refinery?

Awesome work! Downloaded today, love the critters :-)

hi, having an issue where they only priorities food. they had mats to build oil refinery and forge but 8 hours later where just collecting food

(2 edits)

@Sokpop, the food-problem still isn't solved. My meat isn't picked up from the ground and they don't kill the chickens...

They also don't cut down trees to get the berries or burning charcoal for the cook pot. The relation to 'food' isn't here yet aren't? Look at the screenshot i made.

Plenty of food and they still starve to death =( they only concentrating on harvesting that wheat and seawheat and that don't give enough food for them.

The chickens on the left are also not moving, like they`re stucked or something.

They also build their paths over the lava and oil tiles, so they disappear after a while =/

After a short period (like 10-20 Minutes in game) they also don't craft anymore. Means no pickaxe or axe to cut down trees or ores.

That are the main problems yet. And i don't know if it`s only me, but the tool-icons in the human info are pretty small now. I would take a screenshot of that too, but they don't pick up anything anymore because lack of food.

PS: Because they don't cut down trees anymore, they also can't build more farms =/ so late game is pretty hard to reach


yeah they don't see raw meat as food since it's uncooked and i suppose they don't after the apple tree since they don't have an axe?

Even as they had axes, they still don't go after the apple trees :(

only wheat and seawheat is recognized as food in this state.


i'll double check the code

Thanks. I know you work hard for this to work.
Love this game.