v1.4 is out!

Hi everyone!

So I've been working hard on the game for the past months and 1.4 is out! This means a few things:

- The price has gone up to $5 to reflect the current content and the Steam price

- The game is now also available on Steam! I promised to upload Steam keys, but we haven't received them yet from Valve, so that will take  some time. I will post an update when this happens.

- The game has changed A LOT, so you might be confused about how to achieve some of the old things!

Here's the full changelog v1.4:

- added critters/animals
- added bones/bone meal
- added knife
- added feather
- added fire as a stepping stone (researches automatically if there is fire)
- added cooking pot and a bunch of new food
- added wool/wool spinning/clothing
- added the tundra biome and snowfields biome
- added ice (item), ice block (object)
- added market
- added town/city tiles
- added hunting
- added a bunch of new researches
- added water as an item
- added windmill + flour
- added rice (random drop from market)
- added sushi
- added snakes
- added bears and polar bears
- added leather
- added venom
- added aliens
- added plutonium
- added spacetime research and the spacetime portal
- mankind will build more villages
- the base now doesn't split off into different types anymore, 
but instead as a linear progression level 
and the different previous buildings (laboratory, factory and church) can be build separately

- Redid the entire in-game UI, now supporting windows such as lists of wishes and discoveries
- added saving & loading
- added controller support
- added a compendium in the menu for reference

changes & fixes
- cooking/baking recipes are now instantly available (so no using inspect card for recipes anymore)
- mountain terrain is now created with the quake card instead of with rocks
- less random lag spikes
- playing quake on desert now ALWAYS makes oil (removed the criterium of tiles needing multiple desert neighbouring tiles)
- buildings shouldnt be able to spawn on oil/volcano tiles anymore
- humans shouldnt get stuck anymore (will reset to idle state after 30ish seconds)
- further optimized human AI a little bit
- timer now resets when you start a new game
- increased rain/sun range with 150%
- fire research is automatically triggered when a fire spawns
- wind now blows items away equally disregarding where you play the card
- wind now cools temperature and possibly spreads plants
- all items now float in water
- humans won't pick up items immediately after you dropped them from the base anymore
- oven now favors other recipes over normal bread
- humans will prioritze building other buildings a little bit more over homes/houses
- vaccine (automatic) research now requires venom, coral and herbs
- humans won't wish for meteor and plague cards anymore unless they are evil/violent/mixed and have at least 110 IQ
- humans can now drop their tools/items upon death and will be picked up by others
- cards shop now sells bundles of cards as opposed to single cards
- endless mode is now locked and unlocked upon obtaining every different TYPE of card

- added a hotkey H to go to the base camp
- added more card icons
- added hotkeys for all the windows (1-6)
- many minor changes, fixes and tweaks


simmiland_v1.4.6c.exe.zip 41 MB
Nov 30, 2018
simmiland_v1.4.6c_macosx.zip 47 MB
Nov 30, 2018

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That's a heap'o changes!  Look forward to playing!


Do you plan on the game being free upon the full release? It's really sad when you come across a game you like, but have to pay for it. I understand that there are struggles and that game making is hard. I'm just trying to state that some people might want to play it upon the full release, and not have the money to spare purchasing it.


Yeah ikr? Like last time I went to Chipotle they wanted money before they let me have a burrito. I told them some people might really enjoy their burritos but couldn't afford it, but they just told me to gtfo.




It is incredibly hard to make games, and the amount of time spent on this is probably a ton. He needs to make money somehow.

question i have bought the game when was $3 and i can't update it do u know if i need pay $5 more in-order fix this?

No you should be able to update it. Where are you having problems?

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Nothing? i don't know i think some reason itch or something thing not reconizing i have bought the game before because some reason i can't download the game and only shows buy game. i think i figure out how to fix it going to try it.

ok i found out my itch app was so i guess that one reason it wasn't updating or can't donwload it?

if you're still having an issue please contact the itch.io helpdesk!


Nice! I will revisit simmiland then. Last time i played i did everythingthat was available to do, don't recall which version it was but has been a long time.

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I enjoyed this game for a while and now that 1.4 update is out I have been playing it quite a lot lately.

I look forward to see what else comes in the future.


too expensive for how good it is


Too cheap for how good it is


looks great. :)

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