Steam keys!

Hi all!

So we got a bunch of Steam keys as we promised. I want to thank everyone that supported us and the game since the beginning. The keys ARE limited however so get yours while they're fresh. There should be a 'claim key' button somewhere.

Get simmiland

Buy Now$5.00 USD or more


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can i still get steam key? i bought it a while ago and didnt check up on the game so didnt know i needed a steam key

yes you should be able to claim it somewhere

Still available? Or do I have to buy again?

should still be available!

Could you provide where I can get it? I see no button on the page.

Do you still have keys?

there should be still enough yeah!

i dont know how to get the key i bought it for 3$ a long time ago


There seems to be a bug where the button doesn't appear, i contacted the helpdesk. Sorry to keep you waiting!

How do I get my key?

Please give me key

Very nice. Thanks

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where?edit:  ahh found it under download. :)

Hit download at the top of games front page. It's under the downloads.

where is the download button