Steam keys!

Hi all!

So we got a bunch of Steam keys as we promised. I want to thank everyone that supported us and the game since the beginning. The keys ARE limited however so get yours while they're fresh. There should be a 'claim key' button somewhere.

Get simmiland

Buy Now$5.00 USD or more


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For those looking for the steam key. I think I found it. Click the buy now button on the main page. Then click "I already bought this game" if you bought it at the $3 mark. Type in your email in the respective box. Go to your email that you typed in, follow link that says "simmiland". There should be clickable words under "Claim Steam Key" which is under the download .zip buttons. There it should show you the steam key. If you already downloaded the game and have the save file from, the file should transfer over if you download the steam version. Hope this helped.

can i still get steam key? i bought it a while ago and didnt check up on the game so didnt know i needed a steam key

yes you should be able to claim it somewhere

Still available? Or do I have to buy again?

should still be available!

Could you provide where I can get it? I see no button on the page.

I found it, thank you for your hard work.

Do you still have keys?

there should be still enough yeah!

i dont know how to get the key i bought it for 3$ a long time ago


There seems to be a bug where the button doesn't appear, i contacted the helpdesk. Sorry to keep you waiting!

How do I get my key?

Please give me key

Very nice. Thanks

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where?edit:  ahh found it under download. :)

Hit download at the top of games front page. It's under the downloads.

where is the download button