1.3.2 (fixed the crash)

sorry about today, took me way too long to fix the crash!


simmiland_v1.3.2(macosx).zip 44 MB
Sep 07, 2018
simmiland_v1.3.2.exe 39 MB
Sep 07, 2018
simmiland_v1.3.2.zip 42 MB
Sep 07, 2018

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Hey, I really like your game.

But if I create gunpowder out of sulfur, it isnt shown on the inventory. So I cant research guns.  And can someone tell me how to research Cars and the final rocket? They are almost the last things I havent done yet.

Keep your work up, it pays off.

thanks! yeah gunpowder is automatically created at the base camp when they need it if i remember correctly. You can get cars if the base develops into a factory and the rocket if the base develops into a laboratory.

And when does the base change into the next level? Already had modern homes and so on but still the church
I tried to get this far in endless modus but after an hour or longer the game crashes every time with the "out of memory" error.
Thanks for your reply

Hey, so it's been almost a month. But hopefully you're still playing here and there. If your base upgrades to lab, church, or factory, it won't change again, unless you get the rocket. 
Church: High Faith
Lab: High IQ, (135ish)
Factory: (The hardest) Research cars before upgrading to the church/lab. So, Get batteries, oil, and metal at relatively low IQ.

That's as much as I understand of the upgrade process at the moment.

Hello! I am a very huge fan of your game! I am loving it so far, but I do have three issues to report.

Number 1: Every endless run I do, I gain way too much faith; way to quickly. I always end up with church and can't progress further science wise. Could you please alter this?

Number 2: The game sometimes minimizes itself and it's really annoying. Maybe just on my end? But if not, then please fix this.

Number 3: This isn't a major issue but, when I place more cards over 100 in normal mode, the card monitor stays at 100 / 158. Also what are the final 12 cards? Secrets?

hi thanks for the feedback!

the last 12 cards are secret and will become available next update!

Are there secret cards? I bought every card, but is says that I have 158/170. Although, I might have bought the other cards before the counter was added to the game?

every single endless i tried on last version ended up with church...

Yeah same I thinks its a bug, after the church is built my creations don't wanna build a refinery and i cant progress. I also get waaaayy too many nature cards and not enough Inspect or sample

It's not a bug. 

Your people start building a church when you hit 1000 faith, so don't sell as many cards, burn as much faith as you can on expensive cards and avoid having too many people with high faith.