1.3.3 (bugfixes)

A few  bug-fixes and cosmetic tweaks:

  • Changed at which width pixel size increases, and tutorial-advancing buttons now never leave the screen
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a warehouse that's being unloaded to
  • Fixed a bug where trains would split eachother when intersecting at the wrong time (hopefully, let me know if this still happens!)
  • Station-windows now properly update when placing or removing lumber- or mining camps and warehouses
  • Choo-choo and other sounds now dependent on distance from camera

EDIT: uploaded the OSX version too!


soko loco.exe 7 MB
Sep 15, 2018

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nice update, finished the last level in just over 2 hours :D

just one thing, looks like some debug info was left in the game, I see numbers on the train tracks

you're right! used this to debug the collisions, then forgot to turn it off again... fixed now in v1.3.3

Great that you finished it! World record is 52min right now,  haha :o