End-game crash fix!

Version <1.2 contained a really serious crash, which is fixed in 1.3. The game would crash if the window of the monument in level 4 would be open when it was completed. Definitely download the new version before attempting the last level!! 


  • Ending crash fix!
  • Loading out logs at a smelting oven from 2 tiles below is now fixed
  • Saving a new record after the game crashed now works (so if it says 'new record: ' [nothing], your new record will still be counted!)
  • Changed the extra amount for delivering to a warehouse from +6 to +5

I thoroughly tested this build yesterday, so I really think there should be no more crashes!

Sorry to everyone who's game crashed after playing for so long, and thanks for sending the bug reports so I could fix the game!

Happy building!



soko loco.exe 7 MB
Sep 14, 2018
soko loco.app.zip 9 MB
Sep 14, 2018

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