Soko Loco Deluxe - out now!

Hello Soko Loco lovers!

I'm glad to announce that yesterday, Soko Loco Deluxe finally launched on Steam!

This new version is almost a complete rewrite of the game, and adds a lot of cool stuff! Here's a comprehensive list of most of the new features in the game:

  • New campaign of 20+ levels
  • 5 new themes to play in
  • Level editor with Steam Workshop integration
  • Bridges, tunnels, signals and other track parts
  • Industry upgrades
  • A much improved interface for building tracks
  • Online highscores
  • A cute mini game on the titlescreen :)

If you enjoyed the original Soko Loco, I am sure you will love this new and improved version! It's $9,99 and it's at 10% off for the first week, so get it while it's hot! Steam page: Soko Loco Deluxe

Thanks so much to everyone who has played the original game or supported us on Patreon. You really helped to make this game possible!

- rub

(Note: unfortunately, the game isn't on This is because it relies heavily on features like the Steam Workshop. I'm not ruling out that there I will make an itch version in the future though!)

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Great work, looks awesome. I bumped it up on the homepage. (also this font is cool)

Aww thank you so much leaf!!