OSX build fixed (anti-virus)

Hi players on OSX!

The previous build couldn't be opened because of the anti-virus. I made that build using Game Maker: Studio 2, and switching back to GM:S 1.4 solved the issue. You should be able to open the game now, even on Catalina.

The steps to open the game:

  1. Download the latest OSX build (v1.3.3)
  2. Unzip the app.
  3. Drag the app from downloads to another folder
  4. Right-click and select "Open".
  5. Select "Open" in the next pop-up message.

The game will now always run, even if you just double click it. If you're still having problems, feel free to reach out.

Have fun!

- rub


soko loco.app.zip 13 MB
Apr 08, 2020

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