fixes and balancing update

Posted a balancing and bug-fix update!

Major changes:

  • You now receive double the resources for delivering to a warehouse!
  • All citizens now build a new home (making it go faster)
  • Garages now cost 10 stone instead of 20

Minor changes:

  • fixed two crashes (involving removing tracks and delivering to the final monument)
  • Generation now makes sure there is always enough rock to finish level 4
  • choo-choo sounds are now less loud
  • building on depleted rock-deposits is now allowed
  • made the tutorial more clear
  • small bug-fixes and tweaks

Also, Tijmen got the first world-record: 1h 34m 48s! Should be beatable with this new update though


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Sep 13, 2018
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Sep 13, 2018

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