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Beastrun is a game about building a party that synergizes.

Create a team, equip items and skills and watch how your team does against the teams of other players. 
The skills you equip on units are automatically executed, so when battling you can just sit back and watch the battle resolve!


  • become the number 1 player in exciting pvp battles!
  • over 30 different skills to find, level them to make them stronger!
  • over 50 different items to collect!
  • choose from 11 different animal types each with a special ability
  • progress through 8 areas in adventure mode
  • battle against a daily challenger in arena mode
  • fight through increasingly harder battles with a challenging modifier in dungeon mode and collect precious relics

Made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective


Get this game and 103 more for $199.99 USD
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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beastrun_v1.2.2.exe 94 MB
Beastrun_v1.2.2.app.zip 108 MB

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Hello Mac user here, the mac version is not working for me.

  • In the Itch app the “Install” buttons says “Open page” instead
  • If I download and unzip the app shows an error: “The application “Beastrun_v1.2.2.app” can’t be opened.”
  • I tried all the other comments are suggesting and nothing work :/ (Moving the .app file, add executions rights, use the xattr command..)

What can I do?

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I updated the Itch app and now the “Install” button appears but it is not working. It looks like the Mac package is corrupted :/


Is there hope for an android version? Game is a lot of fun and feels like it would be perfect for mobile


Utter nightmare, getting the good skills is totally up to luck :|

It's fun but I wish there was an offline mode or something because I am not good at video game (and also the multiplayer functionality seems a little busted, gives you really high-level guys even in the first area for whatever reason)

Also, the game runs very slowly at high-DPI resolutions, maybe the filter you're using on the pixel art?

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yeah it's exactly that. i'll try to find a solution for it.

also, the game has different books you can get in the shop that have categorized skills, so it's not as random as you might've thought!

high-level guys in the first area shouldn't be happening, as those accounts will win and their rank will go up, moving them into further areas.

I think the issue is, everyone's playing the game for long enough that they don't stay at low level, and as such there's no low-level enemies for the early areas. So in a way, your gamedev skills have come back to bite you I suppose.

nah, i can see in the database there are plenty of accounts/teams spread over different levels/areas that have been there for a while now. people stop playing at different levels and their teams will stay in place.
  if it would ever happen that there is no opponent available, the game matches you against an AI.

fixed this issue just now!

If you don't mind me asking, what did you use to create the sprite/what did you use to animate it? I would love to try and animate vector art!


i lerp the different body parts (head, arms, body, etc) to set positions/rotations defined for different frames and skills have a set a frames. 

then at the end i use a shader to smoothen the pixel art

Good game but a bit buggy :/

I lost a skill in my inventory for no reason (no I didn't sell it!), sometimes descriptions aren't correct (I'm thinking of the poison shot saying it will hit the furthest enemy, but in game it's a random one)

But overall it's fun, would be great on mobile !

Sorry you lost your skill, in the latest build that bug is fixed! I will take a look at the poison arrow text!

I'm silicon mac user, and when tried to open this game, I got an error message "Unable to find game!!". Of course game don't start...

hi! If you copy and paste the file into a different folder it might work.

It worked! Thank you!

(I moved app from Desktop to Documents.)

I purchased the game and I'm trying to play it on my mac. For one reason or another when I try to launch it, it says I don't have permission. Under file info it says I have permission. I've also tried right clicking and saying open, but that also doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Sorry no mac here, but I saw a similar problem from their last release mentioned on the discord as execution bit not set. 

Solution was chmod +x kochu\'s\ dream.app/Contents/MacOS/natur in terminal -- here you would need to replace [kochu's dream] and [natur] with whatever appropriate

The executable appears to have execute set properly when I downloaded it (file mode is -rwxr-xr-x) so this chmod command doesn't work, but it works just fine through the itch app and "xattr -cr Beastrun.app" also fixed running the .app directly for me.

I'm really enjoying this! I've been hoping someone would make a 1D autobattler for awhile. I really like the cute animals and how many different ways to configure your troops.

I was working through the tutorial, and was playing around with equipping and unequipping the shield, slap, and whack - and I've locked the game. It won't let me click the arrow to progress. No matter what combination of items and skills I equip

I started a new file, and realized it was flashing a specific slot for each skill. I don't think I had ever put block on the far left. So, I don't think anything wasn't working as intended. But I got confused and missed that cue

yeah sorry about that haha. glad you figured it out in the end!

This is so good! I'm hooked! Can't wait to play more


nice from the looks of it. but I HAve nO mONEy


join their patreon! youll get the games basically for half the price.


If you join this month you can still get the game half price

ok thx