Update v1.1

Version 1.1 adds a lot of new stuff: new items, new skills, new relics a new area and a lot of fixes and balancing!
Check the full update log below:

changelog 1.1

- new skill 'flamewave': hit all units in front of you for 1-2 damage and burn them
- new skill 'flame shield': block damage from melee attacks until next move#apply burn to self for 8s and#apply burn to all direct attackers while blocking
- new skill 'combust': if standing in rear or center hit all burning units and deplete their burn timers with 4s
- new skill 'duck': dodge ranged and magic (direct) attacks for X time
- new skill 'hide': go to center and dodge ranged and magic (direct) attacks for X time
- new skill 'cleanse': remove stun, some poison and some burn and freeze time across the battlefield
- new skill 'escape': if in front, move back 1 and heal
- new relic 'dragon scales': if burn timer on enemy is longer than 10s (5s on lvl10) do damage twice as fast, if burn timer on enemy is longer than 20s (10s on lvl10) do damage four times as fast
- new relic 'tortoise shell': all units +5% hp (+50% on lvl10) and +1 defense (+3 defense on lvl10) to all damage types, but skill time is increased with 0.5s
- new relic 'panther eye': after 40s (20s on lvl10) of battle your units heal 25% (100% on lvl10) of max health and start doing 25% more damage (50% on lvl10)
- new relic 'windigo skull': whenever one of your units collapses, spawn a skeleton there that will fight for you
- new unit 'rhino': move forward 1 after every skill
- new unit 'hedgehog': return 1 damage each time you are hit
- new unit 'elephant': high health, -2s on movement skills
- new super rare unit 'phoenix': low health, but resurrects with 25% after 5s whenever there is still an ally left standing (unless there already is a phoenix in your team)
- new weapon 'unwieldy hammer': after attacking move back 1
- new weapon 'vampire knife': after dealing melee damage, heal 20% of damage dealt
- new weapon 'sharksaw': melee attacks deal extra damage based on a counter, the counter starts at 8 and reduces 1 with every attack performed, when the counter goes below 0, deal that negative amount as damage to self instead
- new offhand item 'tome of nature': fire attacks to a burning target and ice attacks to a frozen target deal +50% damage, thunder attacks to a stunned target deal +300% damage
- new offhand item 'tome of blood': magic attacks deal X% more damage where X is the amount of health left, magic attacks heav -0.5s skill time
- new offhand item 'tome of love': when healing the unit with the least health on your team, amount healed is doubled
- new shield 'rime shield': feeze self for 5s when using a defensive skill
- new gear 'wooly sweater': when attacked, stun attacker for 0.5s, when attacking stun self for 0.5s
- new gear 'vulture jacket': when knocking out an enemy, heal 50% of max health
- new hat 'rosette pin': when using a healing skill, remove some status effects from target
- new area 'meadows' after 'forest'

- time for eagle's screech effect to trigger is now set randomly between 7s and 10s after every screech
- burn status now deals 1 damage every 1s, down from every 1.5s
- decreased 'firebolt' skill time from 4s -> 2.5s
- 'channel lightning' now always stuns instead of having a 50% chance
- decreased 'channel lightning' skill time from 6s -> 5s
- increased 'channel lightning' damage
- decreased 'ignite' skill time from 1.5s -> 1.2s
- decreased 'ice age' skill time from 5s -> 4s
- decreased 'hibernation' skill time from 2.5s -> 2s and 2s -> 1.5s for lvl IV and V
- decreased 'icicle shot' skill time from 3s -> 2.5s
- increased 'sucker punch' base damage with one
- decreased 'execute' skill time from 6s -> 4.5s
- increased 'execute' base damage for all levels and extra damage on level 5
- decreased 'volley' skill time from 4s -> 3.5s
- decreased 'volley' max damage on level IV and V
- decreased 'triage' skill time from 6s -> 4s and 5.5s -> 3.5s on level III and up
- decreased 'heal' skill time from 4s -> 3.5s and 3.5s -> 3s on level V
- increased 'whack' skill time and lowered damage on later levels
- 'whack' can't be equipped anymore when carrying a melee weapon
- changed 'slap' level up effects for level IV and V from skill time decrease to damage increase
- increased 'hawk shot' damage on higher levels
- decreased 'jump slash' skill time from 4s -> 3s
- increased 'jump slash' base damage
- 'peacock feather' relic now also adds dodge for a short time after moving
- 'false crown' now heals every 8s (down from every 10s)
- increased 'cloak of whispers' heal from 5% -> 10%

- you now need less renown to get to the fields and forest
- arena challengers now do +25% damage and have +25% health on top of having -25% skill time
- skill deal in the shop now always features rare or super rare skills
- dungeon chest in room 10 now gives less resources
- chests in the final room of areas beyond the outskirts now give skills of a certain rarity (fields = 1 rare skill, forest = 2 rare skills, meadows = 3 rare skills, desert 1 super rare skill, wilds = 2 super rare skills)

- fixed not getting coins from selling super rare items
- fixed a lot of items'/effects' timers not scaling along with increased battle speed
- fixed burn not always dealing damage as it should
- fixed eagle's effect time not scaling with game speed
- fixed a bug when an opponents' unit didn't have a skill in the first slot, even when they should
- fixed some chests being empty
- fixed units starting in the wrong position
- fixed skill deal in the shop not showing the correct skill icon
- fixed status effects timer being rounded to whole seconds sometimes
- fixed peacock feather's effect not working
- fixed a bug where block damage wasn't reset

- after 90 seconds of battle, all units will start getting increasingly more damage every second, eliminating endless battle situations
- users that only have 1 unit with no skills equipped will not be encountered anymore
- updated some tooltip texts
- relics menu now closes automatically when going into battle
- some minor fixes
- added a fire magic skill icon
- shortened to max time on the timed chest to 30 minutes (down from 1 hour)
- shortened the heal sound
- when equipping an item it now removes that item from the slot you picked (previously it would use the first item of that type in the list regardless of what page you were on)
- added tooltips when hovering over units in battle, showing their gear or skills
- added an exit button in the hub
- smelly hat


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