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its only $3 on steam.

Either I'm getting very unlucky or the portals become straight up impossible. Moon ~30 and the mobs in the portal insta-killed one of my two swordsman and then the second one shortly after.

That's odd.  Are you throwing all your people into the fight?  That spreads the damage around, and lets you dispatch the enemies faster.

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I just won a game on Day 23, i had 5 swordmen and 2 militia.

I'm sure you can do it too ! Part of a game is to get a good challenge right ? 

Edit : Little tricky trick : try to split the enemy units using packs as walls and take them one by one.

Can we get the soundtrack?


I really like this game design!

So I am looking forward to the next game using this design.

We look forward to a PVP game with a wide range of freedom and strategy using this system.

For example, "Apocalich" + "Stacklands" or "Woodland Saga" + "Stacklands".

In other words, "resource management" + "real time" + "card system" + "mid-term big picture".

As for the worldview, we would like to see fantasy.


I love almost every Sokpop game I play, and this one is no different. I love Stacklands and I was addicted to it for a full weekend. Keep up the great work, and I will keep giving you videos and money for it!


Cute and interesting game. I will write a more comprehensive review at a later date, but so far I’ve discovered two negatives I think you could potentially improve upon.

First of all, I want to applaud you for cute graphics and simplicity of game play. I like that you only have to use a mouse. This game is one of those “easy to learn, difficult to master” kind of games.

Now, on to my negatives and suggestions on improvement:

Negative 1: After a while (moon 30+), the board becomes very difficult to keep in order. It may be because I’m disabled and I have a hard time keeping track of multiple things at once, but I’ve heard others also complaining about this.

Suggestion 1.1: Make the cards movable and stackable while the game is paused.

Suggestion 1.2: Make each new card automatically stacked to an already existing stack of the same type if it exists, regardless of where it is. For example, if I have a stack of three bones to the far left and kill a creature on the far right that drops a bone, I would have liked it if that new bone gets stacked on top of the other three.

Suggestion 1.3: Remove the coin cards and have them only as a counter. I’m aware that would defeat some of the theme of everything in-game being a card, but I think that removing coin cards would greatly reduce the clutter.

Negative 2: As I mentioned, I have a disability that makes it difficult for me to keep track of multiple things at once. Thus I often forget about idle villagers and production units such as farms. I get that the hectic nature of the game is intended, but for people like me it gets a real problem.

Suggestion 2.1: Enable an option to auto-pause the game when a villager’s current task is done and/or when a production unit has an empty queue. By having it an option, people without my type of problems could leave the option disabled for a more hectic experience.


Hey there, would be really nice to make the loots from monster fights, especially the portal ones, stack up somehow (like in a chest that could work the same as the booster packs, disappearing after clicking on it when out of look). Then, it wouldn't destroy the order.

Also, would be nice to be able to zoom out more as when you get to 100+ max cards, you can't see the whole village anymore.

Finally, when there are too many cards at in an area, a single card in the middle start to drag the whole stack upwards which can be stopped by removing said dragging upwards card. That happened to me with carrots and wood; stacks were 4-to-15 cards and started going upwards when there were about 30 cards nearby.

Anyhow, really thrilling seeing you guys working hard on the project, keep it up !


Really big fan of the game, the artstyle is super cute and its the kind of game that you just loose track of time when playing

Unfortunately the game kept crashing for seemingly no reason.

I am not playing on a mac (I know this is a mac issue) but on a windows PC

So i had purchased this game, but it didn't run very well. As you can see by my 1 hour playtime I tried quite a bit, but it didn't work. How am I able to ask for a refund?

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ok this is genuinely frustrating, no mater what I do the game won't run on my Mac pc. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. when I downloaded the game from the itch site it says the file is damaged and wants me to delete it, when I open the terminal it says the same thing. so I downloaded the itch app. that allowed the game to launch but all it pulls up is a black screen with the title screen music and changes the mouse to the hand. it does the same with the steam version of the game. I'm able to bring up the terminal for both the steam and itch app versions but not sure what to type to allow the game to continue past the black screen. or if its just a problem with my pc. if anyones able to help id really appreciate it.

Update: on the black screen I'm able to interact with some buttons, the screen stays black but I'm able to close the game and start it? I think its starting but it stays a black screen, the mouse hand changes shape like its interacting with something but with a black screen I can't see what I'm interacting with.


I have a mac, got the game on steam and am having the same problem

Same situation, shame, I was looking forward to it.

Any solution so far? I bought the steam version first like an idiot so I spended 10$ (taxes)


Is it possible to have the game in French? Or to have the possibility to translate it via for example a file that we could develop ourselves? 

Have a nice day, thanks in advance.


Game steam version crashes immediately when opened on my m1 mac 


Game have been crashing when I open starter pack.

wbrew do i get my steamkey? I bought it before 1.0.5?

Just had the same worry.  If you go to your library and select Download Stacklands you should see a link for the Steam key.  It will ask you to log into Steam, then when you click on the link again the key will appear.  

thank You very much. ;)


Unable to start a fresh game. The game starts over, but the Quests & Ideas don't. Cannot find the save location to manually delete it to start fresh.

are you using the clear save option from the options menu?

Yes, he is I believe as I do the same, wasn't an issue in patch 1.03 (where I played lastly)


Best game from Sokpop so far imo due to great graphics !

I think that most of your games are fantastic with regards to gameplay but animations/visual overall feel a bit clunky (e.g Temple of Rubbo) or too minimalistic (e.g Lucky Town)

Any chance Lisa can help you out again on Game Art for instance ?

Anyhow, you guys are definitely fantastic and are a huge inspiration for me as a beginner game dev (and gamer for the longest time).

P.S: Every 2-3 days, we speedrun Stacklands (beat Demon) with my gf and it's really fun :)

P.S.2: Won tonight ;)

The save file is in C:/Users/(Username)/AppData/LocalLow/sokpop/Stacklands

it' called save_0.sav, the contents are just JSON

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With mac the full screen isn't showing, which was fine until I had to get the humble beginnings pack, and there is no way to drag 3 coins on that top bar. This is a cool game and if there is a fix please let me know.

ughu ughu niau nia

I love this game, currently on moon 60, however, I just encountered a problem. After summoning the demon with the temple, I had my villagers fight him. At the very end of the fight, the demon got stuck in a wall. I'm not sure how to fix this. it's not game-breaking, since i can keep playing the game with the demon just chilling in the corner doing nothing with just 6 health, but i would like to know if there is a way to fix this issue.


Hi, I really like this game but personally I feel like spawn portals, especially around moon 25, are very strong with most recently I had 3 bears and a couple giant rats spawning at once. Unless you have got really lucky with early game, it is very very difficult to get past that point and makes the game more about trying to avoid hopeless battles rather than progressing.

i seem to be missing a structure card but got all ideas and explored all areas and packs now idea what it is

Garden perhaps ? If you went from Soil to Farm, you must have skipped it
Otherwise, please tell me what is the letter range for your lacking one (or send a screen of the missing one, can help :)

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i got it working on the mac (m1 air) using these commands in terminal:

cd /Users/MYUSERNAME/Downloads/Stacklands_v1.0.5\ \(macOS\)

(you can replace the thing after cd with wherever the .app is located in your filesystem... the easiest way is to type 'cd' and then drag the containing folder itself into terminal, it'll copy the path right in)

chmod a+x

xattr -cr


The hero we all needed

i didnt got it to work, might have done it wrong

got the game through steam on Mac M1, keeps crashing as soon as I open it 

I have the same issue

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for macOS it keeps launching to a black screen but playing the music and the mouse curse changes. but can't interact with the game in anyway. tried just downloading the game from the web, playing it from the itch app, and thru steam, web won't let me even play the game cause it says the content is damaged. steam and itch app give me the black screen. I would like to play this game but I'm hitting walls everywhere I turn lol. also tried the terminal fix but nothing happened when I typed in the command and hit enter

did you find a way to play?

The terminal 'fix' is just for if when its 'damaged' so that won't do it :/

Game crashing on Mac M1 :(

how we go about getting steam copy?

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If you go to download you should see the steam key option

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Neat game.

Where do I send a bug I discovered? I got the idea card for the market but it will not let me build it. 

I figured it out, for some reason the parts need to be stacked on the villager.

i had issue too try chaging stack order and also m ouse over to see if stack is bugged i would get stuff pushed into each other and have a log but ssays its a stack of stuff


Interesting game, very frantic. 
I will say, it would be nice if you could use the coin chest by dragging it over the card packs you want to buy and it takes the money out automatically for you. Or perhaps you could click on the pack buttons and any coins in a chest are automatically sent there.

The chest seems kinda... redundant otherwise. I guess it saves space, but it then requires more effort to use

for those who bought the game can we get a steam copy?

yes :)

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Really loving the game so far but I'd love it even more if you could stuck up money easier or if the coins were just a currency in the UI. Another thing I'd love would be the option to collapse the quests/ideas list or to be able to move around things while the game's paused.

Apart from that, this game's been rad!

Not sure if it's new but you can make a coin chest that can hold 20 coins.

it's new since 1.0.5 :)

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Is there any other way I can buy from here I cant use paypal in my country?_?

Really wanna play this game.

it will release on Steam today - maybe you can buy it there?

as I remember Steam blocked all the transitions from our country

Hey! I don't usually comment on your games, but Aran, I think you outdid yourself on this game. Seeing you progress in gamedev has been amazing, and this one was definitely a surprise for me. I honestly can't understand why people complain about bugs. I think it had a reasonable launch, specially for itch.

Also, as a simple (in my head) QOL feature, could you add an option to remove physical money? As in, it only appears in the UI, but isn't present in the board. I've 100%'d the game a few times now, and I think it would be a great feature for those who are just grinding the end-game. Also, clicking while an eating animation is happening should skip it imo.


Thank god the sliding cards issue has been solved I guess(didn't try it yet). I hate when monsters or any mobs wandering around, my cards turned to a big mess after I organized it.

What is the "new use for poop"?
As far as I can tell it serves no purpose

nvm, it didn't update properly and gave me a 2nd launch option. 
poop is like, REALLY bad soil

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Can't open on Mac (Apple M1 Pro, macOS Monterey 12.3.1).

Error advising app cannot be opened. Tried following the advice to open a terminal and run chmod 775 Stacklands in the MacOS directory, now error says app is damaged and should be moved to trash.

For anyone else having this issue, I installed the Itch app and launched it from there instead, now it runs fine

You should also be able to:

  • Right-click program -> show package content
  • Open Terminal in that directory
  • Type:
find . -name '*.dylib' -exec chmod +x {} \;
chmod +x Contents/MacOS/Stacklands

If that still doesn't work, try also typing (this will disable some security protections so use it at your own risk):

sudo spctl --master-disable

This is my favourite Sokpop game.

can't open game or terminal on Mac, it keeps saying the content is damaged

To get the dog, you have to give a bone to a wolf

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how do u complete this game?? like whats the end goal?

Primary goal? Build a temple, give the artifact, murder the demon.

Secondary goal? Clear all quests, get all cards

Great game - not clear on how to finish the "Train an explorer" goal - i've otherwise unlocked all cards and completed all tasks

Find a Map, give it to any villager

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