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Hi there. I just bought Stacklands for Nintendo switch and I am unsure how the controls work. Specifically, how do I switch between the gameboard and the side menu with Ideas and Quests? A list of all the controls would be greatly appreciated.

I've been playing Stacklands for over a year now on PC and android. I was hoping that being able to play on the TV screen with Switch would be more satisfying in terms of seeing the whole gameboard.


can we get a demo? would love to try this out.


this game should add a free demo


I purchased game before came out on steam, Can i get key?


Would be nice if this had a Linux version


You can play this on Steam using Proton and it works great! The version comes with a free Steam key.


I would prefer a native version.


I don't recommend this game if you value your time. I downloaded it a few months ago and basically placed 5-8 hours straight until there was nothing left to do.... Super addictive, can't believe it was the devs first game !! I'm jealous, my first game plays like chicken scratch next to this 


it's not their first game. They've been making a little game every month or so, and a few slightly bigger ones like this one, for a while now.

Really?? I see! Well, regardless I was still pretty impressed with stacklands, I didn't think I'd like it as much as I ended up doing


Yeah it's their 92nd monetized release lmao

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"Stacklands" plays like Cultist Simulator without the cult, or like Don't Starve if the designer didn't hate you. A resource accumulation/maximalization/exploration game of combinatory analysis with a fun Adventure Time esthetic. 

Hours of fun. Worth the eight bucks, easily, presuming you have the free cash.


If there were ratings here I'd give 0 stars. Haven't been able to play this once and I've literally had it for over 6 months. The MacBook version just doesnt work, and none of the solutions listed with the download keys work either. Non-existent customer service, I've spent months sending emails and Tweeting them, got nothing back but they keep posting about new games they're making. How about fixing this one first, and not ignoring your customers??? Appalling and ridiculous. Don't even bother with this game if you've got MacBook, and even if you haven't you better pray you don't run into any in-game issues cos these guys are never gonna help you.


try on steam


Why dont you have a single free game or a demo?

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This game is on Google play since today, is this an official release or is this a ripoff ? Been seeing alot of blatant copy paste games on there lately.. Released by nova.pig ?


Saying that, please officially port it to android please.


here is the link, i found the game
please for the love of god sue these nerd(s)

someone else did the same thing for ios 


If there aren’t official ports, I hope that you’re able to get Apple and Google to remove them from their storefronts, as the developer has obviously stolen your hard work and is profiting form this by charging for the app.

If these are official ports, please let us know this is the case, so we know it’s safe to buy them, download them, and play them!


And here's another that appears to be a knockoff:


I absolutely love this game! Definitely going to be my main fixation for while!

One feature request: I'd like to be able to add the Idea Cards back onto the field  from the Ideas menu. I think this would really help me track what materials I need and make it quicker to look up recipes I'm working towards. It can add to the card count. And cost a gold. I just really want it.


Hey. I think someone stole your game and posted it on the ios app store. Here’s the link: 

The guy also grabbed Peglin and renamed it Peglin 2. Unless this is you guys.


Does poison have to last literally a week? It takes way too long to fall off.


Use charcoal.

That a recipe I have never seen, so that's why I haven't.

I’m having an issue where a can’t pick anything I up whenever I try it puts it back down I can’t play plz help

Great I would buy it but I don't know English hopefully one day the game will be in Spanish: D

What was the update?


same reaction !


Impossible to even launch on Mac. Game is said to be damaged and should be moved to the bin. Any idea on how to proceed?

did you get this to work? i just downloaded it and cant get it to open

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Yeah, one of the devs finally messaged me with this solution where you basically have to give it the correct permissions. The tricks in the download page is needed as well but not enough. Here is what he wrote me:
"I got it working on the mac (m1 air) using these commands in terminal:

cd /Users/MYUSERNAME/Downloads/Stacklands_v1.0.5\ \(macOS\)

(you can replace the thing after cd with wherever the .app is located in your filesystem... the easiest way is to type 'cd' and then drag the containing folder itself into terminal, it'll copy the path right in)

chmod a+x

xattr -cr"

Hope this helps you as well :)

don't work for me 

When you set diffrent foods in the meshhall, leave the game, and then rejoin. Taking out the food is glitchy and causes a kind of explosion of all the foods of the stack


I found more cards than available? ;)

Lmao, propably forgot to add rumors



This game is so amazing. Seriously, it’s wonderful. Thank you for making it! I hope it sells a ton, and I hope you can continue to expand it! I only just started playing it yesterday and I’m hooked!

I know right?! I've been waiting to play for 3months because when I bought it I didnt have the right laptop to play it :/ Enjoy


make it free


Or pay like $5


my parents wont let me


:o its like 2 pieces of candy worth, I just did some chores and even bought it twice (cause Im an idiot)


excuse my bad english , but from time in time the game randomly crash

Its propably a little bug :

I wonder when we will be seeing new steam/in-game achievements!

i saw on tiktok, used the trailer on pc stacklands and have the game innit (pls idk)

but its gone now, but the the game is still same but reskinned


just why...



Just because you don't enjoy it...!

Genuine question, why don't you enjoy it? Do you have the same attitude towards YGO and Pokemon TCG and such?

sorry, its just its some kind of subgenre of cgs i played. What i mean that is paid. But now, I dont even need to question why.

j'adore ce jeux !!!

I love this game !!!


Poderiam cria o jogo para Android ;( eu amei o jogo porém não tenho computador :( vi videos do jogo <3

there is really a problem of graphic optimization, it's a pity, it's quite nice otherwise


I haven't been able to get the shark to work. I tried putting raw meat into the fish trap and once the completion bar fills up it just stays up. I can take the raw meat away and the bar still stays up so I figured it was a bug.

are you on peaceful mode?

sorry if I'm late


Hi I just bought this game but I can't install it using the itch windows app. Any idea what's causing this?

Yes, same problem here (I think they need to tick the correct boxes on their end to enable the launcher to find the right installation). So annoying because this option is so easily missed and yet so easily resolved :).

I just checked today and it seems like they've fixed it now :D

Yes I noticed thanks for letting me know (I sneakily installed it in steam so all good).


i am poor so i cannot get this game

Hi y'all! I can't install using the itch launcher on Windows (you might need to tick the right install options in the game upload). Thanks!

Can you please add a version number to the title screen? I have no idea which version I'm running and I'm also confused about how to get the update that Retromation showed on YouTube on July 1st. Does he have early access to it somehow?

Nvm he said in the intro that it's a beta version for Patreon supporters. But having the version visible in-game would still be very nice so that I can correlate release notes to whatever version I'm playing from Steam.

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P.S. This game is incredible. Please keep updating it. It's easily the new Stardew Valley if you put your heart and soul into content updates. Idk what you did differently in this game vs. your others, but you're seriously onto something huge here. Also, feel free to raise the price by a dollar or two each content update. That's how Minecraft released and it makes sense for you to make more money as the game gets longer, while also giving incentive to early adopters to keep playing it and sharing it due to the free updates.


I purchased this game before it came out on steam but i never received a steam key. Can i please get one?


I purchased this game before it came out on steam but i never received a steam key. Can i please get one?

Please make this game available on android. I promise i will buy it.

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