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Popo's Tower is a calm 3D-platformer about climbing tall towers on a magical island. You play as a stranded pilot, would there be a way to repair your beautiful red airplane?


  • 30 to 60+ minutes of playtime.
  • Freerunning mechanics, run across walls, and hold on to some ledges!
  • A cool island to explore.
  • A Mysterious storyline.
  • Controller support.
  • 6 hidden collectibles to find.

Controls are explained in-game!

made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, climbing, Cute, Fantasy, freerunning, Wobbly


Get this game and 7 more for $18.00 USD
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so rewarding, the sounds are so crisp and well chosen, every new step that I made into a new direction It felt so rewarding, its a bit tricky to understand the controls and in the process of that it can be a bit tedious to restart, but the restart points help with that, and when I ended up understanding the controls it was worth it, they feel really good.thanks for an amazing game

I like this platformer, very chill and relaxing !

Loved it. While exploring with the elf on my back, I went back through the 5 star portal and was unable to climb the towers with them on my back. Already had all stars and parts. Went online to find a play through of the rest since I wasn’t about to replay the whole thing. Super pretty <3

I bought it on itch here and I can't even play it :( cause I have windows 10 what the hell and I thought buying it on steam would fix it but that didn't even so what am I suppose to do ;_; i really wanna play 


hi wat engine was this built on 


probably unity... but they probably used the pro version, so you dont have the splash screen..


oh ok thank u 👍

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exceeded my expectations!! after getting the hang of the controls, it was super fun to jump and climb around--and a good exercise for my fear of heights, lol!! my advice for players: if there's a jump you're attempting again and again and not making it, just stop and go somewhere else. chances are, you'll find a powerup that'll make the jump doable!


Nice artstyle makes me go Y E S

Solid game.

On first attempt, it was quite difficult. On second, beat the game in 49m4s with 4 items collected.

What a great purchase this game is. I love the graphics style. The mechanics and I have to say that for the first 10 or so minutes of play I was getting a little annoyed with the overall gameplay but it was down to me.  I did a 30 minute play video with no cuts and then went and watched the speedrun videos but keep up the great work.


1st attempt: 50 mins, 0/6 items collected

2nd attempt: 38 mins, 6/6 items collected

This was a neat little adventure. I enjoyed the movement and traversal abilities when i got into the flow of things, but man did i feel like there was lost potential there.

First off your momentum completely stops if you try double jumping/dive kicking anywhere but where you were initially heading. I also feel the wall climbing could'be been handled better by allowing the player run off of ledges while still on the wall, instead I can only jump off in the opposite direction. Also having a save option so that i dont have to "no-life" it. As well as a retry button after completion. 

Those were my main gripes. If they were patched I feel this experience could be way better. 

v1.4 broke the game D:

(1 edit)

ah! reverting back to 1.3 for now, thanks for noticing!

edit: v1.4 is back up and should be working now!

Hi! Really enjoying the game, started speedrunning it recently and was wondering if it's possible to add some sort of way to reset the game without having to close and reopen the game? or if there's a way to do it already let me know :)

Thanks! <3

La torre de popo


I got to the part where I rescue the little clown fellow, but I don't have the kick! Am I stuck forever?

Great game, by the way! One of my Sokpop favorite!

Got back and went through again, finished the game! I love it, wish there was more, the machanics are fun to play with.


This game has a lot of mechanical potential but a lot of design decisions come across as frustrating. Being unable to see past a small field of view makes traversal very difficult, particularly because you're unable to tell how far away a platform is.

The wall jump ability becomes a huge hassle due to it being mapped to the same button as a regular jump, which often led to situations where I'd accidentally press it against a building I was trying to wall run up and then do a 180 and fall to my death. There's no clear indication of which walls you can wall run up, and which you can only slide on either.

The game also really needs a save feature of some sort, because it's decently long and not really suitable for one session. 


what engine did you use for this game?

Just spent a few hours with the build, and really enjoy the free-form exploration. Every time I was so frustrated I wanted to quit, I found a way through--until I dropped the wizard and found myself at a door checkpoint with ghost buildings on both sides of it, with no way to progress. A safe "restart last viable checkpoint" in the pause menu would be a good idea if these types of bugs still plague the release. A chapter select would be awesome too (and remedy the same issue). All in all, it's a fine game, and you should be proud of your restraint with regards to the puzzle design. In my opinion, you display presently inaccessible areas a bit too prominently, which results in unnecessary trail and error--but the satisfaction of reaching the next area balances out the frustrations enough that I wanted to keep playing, even after wasting 10 minutes trying to make the same impossible jump. Here's hoping for a fix for my issue and a chapter select so I can finish the game someday.

is there a way to save? it's a bit lengthy for 1 game session for me


I beat it!




i did an actual speedyrun!

I just realized this probably isn't supposed to happen

1 year after: apparently I'm the only one who's ever had this issue with the arms stretching. Does anyone know a way to fix it? I've been wanting to play this game :(


How'd you do the cloudy, almost paintlike, shader effect?? Looks fantastic!

I started a letsplay of this. Fantastic game. I think I might be stumped at the moment.

I accidentally kicked the wizard into the water and now I can't get him back :(

Ah no :( Sorry for that! It should be fixed in the new build (v1.2)

thanks, I loved what I played so far

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Nice game! I like the progress of the jumping difficulty paired with the new abilities. However, I wasn't able to find all 6 collectibles, any hints?

Edit: Never mind, I found the last one!

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Also, the wand seems to glow at points that I can't find what it supposed to do, like on the middle of the big bridge for example. There's nothing nearby!

Okay, I'm at the end but something really annoying seemed to have happened. One of my rocks just disappeared without it hitting the boss. And there are no more rocks. What do I do??

And now that I restarted the game it started over from the beginning. Now I won't know how the game ends unless I play everything from the start... :(

That's really rough :( I uploaded a build in which that issue should be fixed (v1.2). I'm sorry for the lost progress. The glowing wand thing was a bug as well, also fixed!

Thanks for the update! Yeah, it sucks but that's how it is with 1.0 releases :D Great short little game overall, reminded me of Mirror's Edge (which is one of my favorite games) so I might just replay this game again when I get the chance just to be able to get the end scene. :D

eu queiria muito jogar esses jogos da sokpop mas não tem na moeda do meu país e 3,00 USD no brasil são 16 reais(real é a moeda do meu país) 

eles começaram a lançar na steam por 6,50. demora geralmente uma ou duas semanas pra lançarem lá

serião,que bom brigado n sabia

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It's really unclear what to do after getting double jump.

EDIT: okay, I found the way, but it didn't even look like it was even possible to do!

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I would like it if I had full control of my view with the right stick.  I like to look up.  Also in some areas I am not able to look where I'm going; it may be a bug.


Hello! Thanks for playing! There was bug that caused the camera to focus on a certain point, but the issue (hopefully) is gone in the new builds (v1.1)! Would that've been it?