Popo's Tower Cool Patch (v1.3)


Uploaded a new version! (v1.3), mainly fixed some graphical bugs, and added some polish (sound & animation).

Here's what's new/changed:

  • The camera now always puts itself behind the player after respawning.
  • Funky shader for the gateways to other areas.
  • Ambient audio in some areas.
  • Some more audio for small interactions.
  • Edge balancing state now also triggers on angled roofs.
  • Fixed the player & kid rotation in cutscenes.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would glide over the ground for a few frames when climbing on top of an angled surface.
  • Enemy now has toes (they were not rendering before)!
  • Improved the ledge & wall detection, hopefully it'll be less likely for you to fall due to a bug now!
  • The pilot now sits down and relaxes when idling for a while.

Hope you have fun!



PoposTower_mac_v1.3.zip 58 MB
May 27, 2020
PoposTower_windows_v1.3.zip 56 MB
May 27, 2020

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there's a bug in the first zone, if you go all the way to the right of the exit portal, you'll go through to the back of the island

don’t suppose you’ll update the source with those changes too?