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An arcade strategy game about defending your garden.

Your garden is under attack! As a garden gnome, you grow and sell various vegetables to create an army. You'll pull out weeds, water plants and fight worms as you go through this year's seasons. Can you survive until winter?


  • 5 different vegetables to grow.
  • 8 different types of enemies.
  • 3 seasons to play through
  • 2 original songs by Tom!
  • Full runs take about 30 minutes
  • About 1-2 hours of playtime on average

Made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon


Get this game and 103 more for $199.99 USD
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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 1) if you pull a carrot down it stretches downwards and becomes a large size 

2)   One of my carrots entered the house but never healed and just stayed there

3) I picked up one of my onions and it ended up just standing with its hands up and not moving

Pretty fun, has an engaging gameplay loop, doesn't waste the player's time.  Well done!

I've had the Gnome decide to quit gardening and live in the house, taking up the critical healing position indefinitely.  I think it's related to finishing a boss fight (Summer, maybe any of them?) while the Gnome is healing. A bit annoying, since it wrecks the run.  But not so annoying that I'm not still trying!

Exlent game , I like sokpops game

(i love sokpops games)

Excellent game! Great artwork!!!


How did you achieve this art style? P.S. I love all y'all's games :D

A pretty fun game! Kinda easy to beat, but does take time and strategy. There were a few times when I had to quit out of the game and refresh, because of really bad lag. I do wish that it saved your progress, and had more levels tho.

made this list: 


Hi!! Wanted to add a bit of advice for fellow MAC users. 

I followed the instructions on the download page but was still unable to run the game because it was saying I needed administrator permission. I went to Get Info > General: (check)Open Using Rosetta. 

and it worked! :^) Happy Guardening!!

got a win! very cool. Recognizing the main mechanic of selling 3 of a kind of a seed is crucial - should maybe be telegraphed from the start somehow? Love the bosses, they were fun. I never ended up getting fences...I probably should have...I'm just not really sure how they work? It seems like with the bosses that move around so much a fence might actually hinder me more than help me.

Thank you! Yeah honestly the fences are not very helpful at all, and also overpriced at 1 coin... I kind of kept them in because they were working anyway and thought it was a shame to take them out!


this game is so fucking hard lol

Perpetual Potato!

 I found an exploit that will let me get all the money at the end of Moon 1. I enclosed a couple screen shots as well as a Twitch video on how I did it. Twitch Link  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1501099987 The magic happens at about 9:40 min in

YouTube if you do not use Twitch.

Great game! Unfortunately got house bug and couldn't progress. Thanks for making :)

Should be fixed in v1.2!

The game won't open through the itch app or without the itch app. Is there a way to fix this?


Here I am playing on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1499632512

Youtube for none Twitch users.

After utilizing buy sell strategies i got pretty far but the pumpkin house occupied bug is still present unfortunately. Other than that this game is great fun to play. Well done Sokpop

On a second playthrough, the house stopped working during fall. This happened the exact same way on the first playthrough so I think it has something to do with that season change

also whenever you alt tab it bricks the playthru because your cursor dissapears lol 

this is really great but the coin spawn needs to be wayyy faster. Not sure if I'm just doing anything wrong but I'm getting like 1 coin every....3-5 minutes? was only able to save 2 coins one time because every time I get 1 I expand and I only ever end up getting one more coin. Definitely loving it tho - great idea, great art, will for sure be playing it when it's more balanced. Awesome idea!


Plant only one kind of seed

Sell three of a kind



i don't know what this means. What do you mean sell a seed?

Sell your vegetables by dragging them to the far left.  This is very important!

Is there a way to access old version? Somehow I managed to reach the day9 by grinding hours, and it was challenging and fun! actually my friends wanna try that version but I'm not sure it's ok to send files I downloaded before.
maybe it's good idea to make hard mode. But if there are no workpowers, that's ok...

Where is that selling button? The only way to gain coin is from weeds?


When you drag a vegetable, a sell-box will show up on the left side of the screen. Sell multiple of the same veggies to make a profit!

Got it, thanks!

seems kind of impossible so far, the coin drop rate is just way too low to be able to survive more than 1 snail at a time


You really have to get a ranged unit early in order to last. Then a pumpkin as fast as possible to tank swarms. You also have to abuse the pause button for the mole to move your units when he would pop up. Its rough but beatable.

I find a pile of carrots to be very effective!


Sorry for the bugs, gonna fix them tomorrow. Thank you for reporting!


potato went in house

never came out, was stuck at 4/10 forever :(

Potato got mushy.  Could not repair or re-plant.  Smelled terrible.  Put in compost.


Actually had the idea to have a compost mechanic in the game early on!

Played for a bit. Clicked on that square under the hammer and built something. clicked on the area where that was built and the game crashed with this error:


action number 1

of  Step Event0

for object obj_unit:

Unable to find instance for object index 101002

at gml_Object_obj_unit_Step_0

gml_Object_obj_unit_Step_0 (line -1)

Curious what is meant in the description when it states both the average run is about 30 min and then the very next line states about 1-2 hours of playtime.  Does that mean each run takes about 30 minutes but you'll likely have seen everything after playing this game about 2 hours total?

(1 edit)

I have played 4 or 5 runs so far, (and died after about 10 minutes each time.) Each time I lose, I learned something new to better prepare for the next run! I think that the game will take a beginner 2 hours to complete with the learning curve, and 30 minutes for an expert!

The Mac OSX - The application "Guardener" can't be opened.  fix doesn't work. I guess the command line is for Heliopedia?

Found the correct command: 
chmod +x Guardener.app/Contents/MacOS/Mac_Runner 

Also, if you're on M1 mac, had to enable "run using rosetta" option.


If you end up doing any updates to this game I would kill for an endless mode. I dunno how the bosses would work, but I really want to slowly build a maze out of fences.

I hoped that after hibernation springtime would come again

I am a Patron and the download link in not working

any chance this will be on steam?

This is rough. The triple snail boss wave is basically game-over. Even 3 potatoes cant win that fight.

Worse yet the actual boss after that. Wow.
Economy is so tight i cant even ATTEMPT to build a fence or expand before the first actual boss wipes the field.

(1 edit)

Gotta rush a corn and it can almost solo the triple snail and the mole with some micro. just gotta abuse the pause button. 


The sentences that result from talking about this game are hilarious :D

fences are not great

Great game, although I find I barely ever get coins from weeds and I am unable to defeat the first boss. Do you know why this is?


Coins are dropped once every 15 weeds pulled, but the idea is that you can sell you veggies to make money. If you sell them in bundles (like 2 or more onions), you'll make a profit!

what can you do to prevent your soil from becoming weeds randomly when something is growing in it? 

Weed only grows adjacent to other weeds, and along the border. You can expand your territory to place more soil tiles more safely, and make sure to weed the weeds at the edge to protect your inner tiles!

Having trouble running on Mac M1, tried the terminal command in download section but no luck. Any Tips?

Worked on my M1 through the itch.io Desktop App, it takes care of some signing issues.

Found it's just a permission issue with the file in contents/macOS, chmod +X that file in terminal and happy days.

is there any way to influence the weed => coin drop rate? Like do bigger weeds drop more coins? Or is it just random?

They drop once every 15 weeds pulled, but the idea is that you can sell you veggies. If you sell them in bundles (like 2 or more onions), you'll make a profit!

took me a while to figure out how but I got it now :) press the $ button!