Version 1.1 - Bug Fixes & Balancing

Just uploaded version 1.1 for Guardener. Download the game again to apply the patch!


  • Bug Fixes
    • (Hopefully) fixed a bug where the house remained occupied forever.
    • (Hopefully) fixed a crash (obj_unit Step event crash).
    • Fixed a bug where an overgrown project would always yield soil (eventhough a water pump was being built).
    • Fixed a bug where units would not prefer to water unwatered plants.
    • Fixed a bug where pumpkins would only be worth 5 coins when sold.
    • Fixed a sorting issue with the shop and the build menu.
  • Changes
    • Expanding land now starts out costing 1 coin instead of 3.
    • Potato now costs 2 instead of 3 coins.
    • When soil is overgrown, the seedling/plant in the soil is now preserved under the weeds.
    • When a project is overgrown, the amount of work done is now preserved.
    • Added tooltips to make the sell/bonus mechanic more clear.
    • Added sound when assigning units through the commands list at the bottom right (or using the 1-5 number keys)

Thanks for playing!

- Ruben

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Jun 07, 2022 25 MB
Jun 07, 2022

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