v1.2 - Bug Fixes and Score

Another update to the game. Download again to apply updates if you don't use the itch launcher!


  • Fixed a bug where vegetables rest indefinitely. (This happened when units entered the house while getting hit by a projectile going into stunlock forever.)
  • Fixed final boss HP not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed going game over when attempting to sell the gnome.
  • Added a final score to the end-screen (only if you beat the game).
  • Added different sprite for the end-screen/game-over-screen depending if a vegetable was sold, died, or still alive.

Steam version is coming very soon! Will post again when it's here. Enjoy!


Guardener 1.2 Windows 25 MB
Jun 16, 2022
Guardener 1.2 Mac 31 MB
Jun 16, 2022

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