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Sunset Kingdom is a kingdom management game.

In Sunset Kingdom your aim is to become the monarch of a prosperous land.

Prepare to expand your kingdom,  build towns, castles and even a palace, get crushed by vikings, starve to death by not having enough villagers to farm, and try again! 


- <H> jump to first town
- <B> build
- <C> close/open existing buildings or cancel building sites
- <M> mute/unmute music
- <tab> scroll through towns
- <numbers> select towns, when building select different buildings
- <spacebar> change game speed
- <shift> (hold) add/remove 10 units instead of 1 in the town UI

How to play (quick start guide)

- build a farm
- build roads connecting the farm to the town
- open the town menu and navigate to the "duties" tab
- add villagers to the "builders" duty
- once the farm is built add 2 villagers to the "farmers" duty

now your 2 villagers will farm and bring food to your town!

made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon

Windows - Shader error? / only see a black screen / other graphical issues?

  • You probably don't have DirectX yet or you are missing a driver either way. You can download the necessary driver for free with this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35
  • If this does not fix it, try downloading and running the "sok-stories installer". This should automatically install the necessary drivers and fix all Game Maker games in the future.

Mac OS X - Unable to find game?

  • This is an issue we're having with OS X. Move the game to a different folder and then run the game again. This usually fixes it!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective


Get this game and 7 more for $18.00 USD
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I had a great with this! But after a while (I had just built a 4th town, I was about to build a palace), I couldn't open the window of one of my towns (it started unfolding at the top right of the screen and immediately refolded), after quitting the game and reloading the save it was still happening, and now it was also happening with another town, and I started having some visual glitch, so I had no other choice but to abandon my game unfinished :/

great game! just finished, very nice game play. 
I think there is a bug related to the chicken coops, as soon as I activated the perk the chicken sound started playing but never stopped, it played continuously till i finish the game XD 


can we see screenshots at least? :)

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once you saved too much money, the game is pretty much over cause u can just buy everything and trade everything.anyway it was a good 1 hours game tho

Bought and beat it first try in just over 2 hours! Money well spent!! Great game keep up the good work!!


When does the new patch come out, so i can play it on the new macos update? :)


Hi, nice little game. Did you notice that walls disappear after continuing a game?

oh really? Thanks for the notice!

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Like the concept, the vibe and slow pace, but I find few things repelling and destroying fun from game:
1. Ruins can't be removed (so game punishes me for internal economy that I have little to nothing of control),
2. Cannot control flow of resources. It feels not fair that I have one city with 1k food and then next to it is starving city going into ruins.
3. I don't see income/outcome balance of city,
4. I don't understand timers of resources. At the very start of the month I have city with population 1 with this only person assigned to farming in nearby farm and by the end of the month it goes to ruins?  I call that bullshit. In the situation of 4 or less people by random chance my city goes always to ruins and I cannot do anything with it.

I can understand other design decisions (like slow generation of plans/ore or cap limit of 10 per city) but those 4 kinda makes me feel that I wasted money.


haha take it easy bro


Love this game! Saw Angory Tom Play it, had to try it.

Wish there was a pause option and that the esc button paused and then press enter or select quit (default to no...like other games) accidentally quit out a few times.

Maybe add a 'do forever' or 'do until you have X' option for some of the jobs.

Great fun!


thank you!


Same saw Angory Tom play this and I was drawn in! such a quirky little game

I picked this game up today and I absolutely love it. I haven't stopped playing and finished my first game in 3 hrs xD just wish there was more. Would love to see short term boosts to members of population active until they die or something :D

yeah i might add some new stuff when i have time! Thanks for playing :)

how do I get knights? I built a castle, but knight doesn't show up as a duty

You have to buy the Knight's Academy facility at one of your towns.

sweet, I found it now!

Really cute game enjoying playing but im getting major crashes where the game just crashes its currently at the ned of moon 43 I am unsure the reason why in game. Otherwise its really fantastic and looking forward to play it more when the issue gets resolved :)

thanks and sorry! did the game give you some kind of error message?

no sorry its just frozen and wont do anything I have tried waiting but it just wont do anything , I can reload it and it seems to work but it still crashes after a while in game

ok thanks! I’ll look into it when im back from vacation

Have fun on vacation ! , just out of curiousity is their any other features your planning on adidng to the game?

yes but i won’t say what until i know for sure!

I can second this. mine also freezes randomly, usually on faster speeds. even just a few moons in.


do you think it can also happen on normal speed?


Definitely. My reports always come in on playing normal speeds. (As I never play going faster)


Mine keeps crashing on normal speed, crashed about three times in the past 15 minutes and not sure why

I downloaded and played the game for awhile, updated to the new Mac OSX Catalina and now the game is not optimized for the update. I also had the fatal error when I accidentally built a road into the ocean. Really fun game though, I really enjoy the style and appreciate the time you, or you team is putting into this game. 


thank you! Yea for Catalina i have to make a 64 bit build. I will do that soon


Thank you!


I ended up buying the game but I've found there to be a consistent issue with placing roads for me I'm not sure what's going on but it will force me to put one segment of road down after the other and the game will end up shutting down due to some issue. Next time it happens I'll put the issue it comes up with.


action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object oGameManager:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [0,-1] out of range [1,15] - 100004.buildingCost(100176,-1)
at gml_Script_scrGameplayBuild
stack frame is
gml_Script_scrGameplayBuild (line -1)

It just really makes the game impossible to really enjoy for me.


i’m sorry about that! I’m on vacation now but when im back ill look into all reported issues. Thanks for the feedback!

That happened to me in the beginning, right clicking after one road turns off the building tool!!

It's a really nice game if a bit buggy but really really nice

I really enjoyed this game! 


Wish there was a demo to look at before I bought the game.

I don't know how to hire knights...

Hi! I love the game as a concept, I do have two questions though - my towns seem to randomly catch on fire, what are the ways I can prevent that from happening? Additionally, one of my towns was completely burned down, and is now a "ruin". How do I repair the ruin, or at least demolish it so I can rebuild a town in its place?


thank you!!

the towns catch on fire when they’re being attacked by vikings. You can see them coming and you can fight them with knights or diminish the losses with perks.

you can’t remove ruins! they’re an eternal scar >:-)


My game crashes at the end of day 25, any idea why?

Hey SokPop, currently running Win10 with plenty o' RAM, but the game freezes at the turn of each moon after it runs for about 5-10 minutes midgame. Anyone else see this problem?

it freezes a bit because it auto saves the game at that point. it saves everything anew every moon tho to avoid data corruption but it can be a bit slow sometimes


Yes, but to go as far as to freezing the game entirely and I have to Alt+Ctrl+Del my way out?

oh that is very strange! if that happens again can you maybe send your save file to me? it is located somewhere in your local/temp folder

The problem is not unique to the save - it starts happening when I get to around 2 or 3 towns.

were you on the latest version? v1.0.3 

I’m on vacation now but will look into it when I’m back thanks for helping!!


If the capital adds +10 the population is incremented to 20, but the carnival should not add another +10 to have 30 in the capital? I did what was required and stayed in 20. Also for other towns the max population will be 10? the carnival it's only held by the capital apparently. No other ways to increment the population in the other towns? thanks ahead. 

you are right. the festival text is misleading i think. i was thinking of adding perks to increase the pop capacity but i think it’s more interesting this way where you have to build new towns instead!


Hi, just bought the game, but unfortunately the game cannot run on macOS Catalina. It says "bad CPU type in executable". It seems macOS Catalina only allows 64bit applications


How do I trade more than just the minimal required amount of food to a town? I have one town with lots of food, but the neighbouring town never goes above 65.


it's impossible!


Would be nice if we were able to destroy misplaced buildings, or maybe just undo the last action ?


Hi, would you do Linux ?


I am loving this game but I keep finding when I build roads I can't cancel it? I have to press home and if it gives me an option to keep going it just does it, and if i use the cancel option the game crashes? anyone able to help, can't tell if it's a bug or if I am missing a trick :( 


you can press right mouse button to cancel your current action!

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this is really good! my one gameplay feedback: a lot of the palace endgame involves guessing about the AI blackbox of building resources transport, and it kinda kills the pacing as I wait / wonder why it's taking so long to build something when I have 1000 of the resource stockpiled already?

but I also had all this money (like 15+ gold) sitting around doing nothing

so it would've been cool if I could spend all my extra money to speed up building or something exciting, but maybe spending all that money will trigger big climactic viking invasions? anyway good stuff, I love these short focused genre games, good job


thank you so much!!!
i agree with your points. i couldn't really think of an elegant way to show which resources are being transported.  the pop-ups of the resources being gathered can already become quite chaotic at some point. i wonder what would be a good way to do that. 
Some kind of endless sink for excess coins could be a very nice end-game solution.

Hello, I tried to play the game but got this error. ;_;

copy and paste the file into a different folder and it should work. The current mac build has some other issues tho i’d recommend waiting for tomorrow when i have time to update it!

Hi, Im very curious what this art style is called, played this game on my friends PC super fun!

thanks! It doesn’t really have a name i think? it’s a bit minimalistic, flat-shaded. there is also a bunch of pixel art in it i suppose.

That’s too bad it doesn’t have a name like isometric or something because I’ve def seen people do art similar to this but unfortunately I never get the name  :(

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I'm really enjoying this game, it is a great little builder.  I would love to see more along these lines :)

Two feature requests:

1. Mute/volume for SFX/Music

2. Please have towns remember Duties distribution when losing a Population.  It is tedious to constantly switch between towns to reassign the newborn Pops; the vast vast majority of the time I want the new Pop to do what the Pop it is replacing was doing.


I agree, should be a way to make the villagers remember the duties when new ones are in created, specially if you have a capital with 20 ppl and 2 towns with 10. It gets tedious at some point.

I'm a member of the patreon but can't get any of the download links to work

the patreon API is broken, send you a link!

Admin (1 edit)

do you know if this is a global patreon api outage? We also got reports of our api integration going out as well I'm investigating.


we think it was global and it should be fixed now