patch v1.0.3


- when evaluating the new moon, if villagers died/rebelled and new villagers were born, the new villagers are automatically placed in the old duties of the ones that left
- added an in-game speedrun timer. your time is showed when the final message is displayed.
- clicking on the bottom buttons when building a road won't build the road anymore
- fixed a bug where the game wasn't loading all buildings when loading a saved game
- fixed another bug where buildings got the same ID when saving/loading, don't know what that entailed but i fixed it anyways
- balanced some of the audio volume levels
- lowered castle max capacity from 10 -> 5
- some other stuff

Files 42 MB
Sep 30, 2019
SunsetKingdom_v1.0.3(macosx).zip 47 MB
Sep 30, 2019

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how to install the patch? Where is it? Just downloaded from steam and have continual crashes at new moon

the patch should be installed automatically on steam. if it doesn't, you can force it by right clicking on the title in your library, go to 'local files' and click on 'verify integrity of game files'.

if it still crashes, does is crash every new moon you get to? does it freeze up or crash with a pop-up. if so can you send the message in the pop-up?
otherwise if i can get the savefile from you i can try to fix it!


thanks for the quick answer!

I had just downloaded from Steam. 

Then after messaging here I verified integrity and restarted the computer. That has fixed the problem. 

Would be good for you if you updated your install file (just a suggestions)

I'm also having difficulties when I try to just push the (c) buttons to cancel the build it doesn't want to work either.

I'm still having issues with the game not being able to handle making roads.

i tried to fix it but whenever i test it myself everything seems to work fine? I’m having a hard time understanding what the issue really is.

It seems like the hotkeys work well for my computer for whatever reason because I've tried them a few times but it just doesn't work.

did you mean "don't* work well"?
when building roads you don't use hotkeys as there aren't any associated with it. Just click where you want to build a road, it'll always start from the closest joint regardless of whether you click near one and will snap to another joint if it close enough.

So I'll click on the road, build the road then I can't get the road to go away. I'll press the 'c' hotkey to try and make the road go away but it won't go away.

ohhh i see! yeah you can't remove roads! you can only cancel buildings that aren't built yet or close them when they are.


I just picked up the game after watching a YouTuber playing the game. After starting out for a while, I'm having problems with the game locking up/freezing. Are there any knowen issues/fixes? It's a nice chill game. =]

no, there were no reports of freezing yet! do you know what triggered it?

No, I'm not sure but it happened several times yesterday. I'll try again today and pay attention to what's happening and let you know.

I bought the game today and I am having freezes on my game

does it just freeze momentarily or does it stay frozen(crashed)?

Resizable options, volumes, extra options coming? Only opens full screen.


Don’t suppose you’ll update the source code file for later on folks with these bug fixes too? 🙂


sure, i'll do it in a minute!