Update v1.2

Hi all, here's an update!

It has been mentioned multiple times that it can be hard to get going and nog get stuck with endless lvl 1 worms. Hopefully the daily blue chests will help getting out of that!

changelog v1.2

- you now get a (blue) chest everyday which contains either shells or a random badge
- you can now select badges/moves with the numbers 1-6 (so you can battle without having to use the mouse)
- multipliers for shells gained from dead critters when they are deeper in the castle or a boss are way more significant now
- changed Bubble badge's base strength from 0.125 to 0.15
- made it slightly "easier to aim"
- fixed a glitch where Sunbathe badge's animation was invisible and would make most interface invisible as well
- buffed ROLY (again)
- nerfed FISH
- buffed URCHIN
- buffed CLAM
- nerfed CRAB
- buffed STAR
- buffed EXO
- buffed OCTO
- buffed TURTLE
- buffed SLUG
- buffed LOBSTER
- buffed MANTIS
- buffed CUCUMB


King Of The Sandcastle v1.2(MacOSX).app.zip 42 MB
Mar 06, 2018
King Of The Sandcastle v1.2.exe.zip 33 MB
Mar 06, 2018

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Excellent! Hopefully this helps "close the gap" between lower level players and the highest. Do bugs have a level limit? Or will the natural average level increase over time when more people get higher level bugs?

The latter!