Update v1.1

update v1.1

- flea now cost 30 shells instead of 10 shells
- flea has 11 base spd instead of 12 base spd
- fixed the "oArea" crash
- dead critters now start with 1 loss instead of 0 losses so you can always get 1 shell from selling/purging them
- it is no longer possible to use " or ' in the chat so the chat at least won't break anymore when you try to do that
- chests will now yield more shells (double or more than before) when giving normal shells
- buffed worm (+1 base hp)
- buffed roly (+1 base hp)


King Of The Sandcastle v1.1.exe.zip 33 MB
Mar 01, 2018
King Of The Sandcastle v1.1(MacOSX).app.zip 43 MB
Mar 01, 2018

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