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klym is a game about climbing buildings and bringing ducklings back to their mother

WASD to move
LEFT MOUSE to jump
RIGHT MOUSE to release

made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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using the controls listed, i can't get the character to jump or climb for the life of me. I have tried on every surface in the environment that looks grapple-able and it only works like a fifteenth of the time. Really klunky.


I couldn't get the jump to work at all until I accidentally figured it out. The instructions here don't explain it very well. To jump, hold the left mouse button, then drag the mouse (while holding the button) to determine direction and distance, then let go of the button to jump.

Fun game - i subbed to the patreon and got this and no regrets! A fun little game to chill out to, and in a world full of games that require big chunks of time to complete, i really appreciate this. Thanks, Sokpop!


Looks like Assassin's Creed in a nutshell, gameplay-wise. Sweet. Not quite my type of game, but I say it should be worth more than 3$ :) 



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Why we cant even get a demo, it's really unfair, also every time when I go to itch.io i see games like this but are not free, it's really unfair!! And they look very cool but the free game doesnt look so much cool


Your lack of respect for the cost of labor bewilders me.


`What kind of style is this game? its like pixelated but 3d. anyone know what type of game thats called?

It's a shader applied on a 3d game, like a photo filter. It hasn't have a name


There are a few technical things going on. For one, everything is flat colours (unlit shading, this is a specific kind of shader), and is also on a lower resolution then upscaled to regular size, which is what makes it look pixelated.


Here's a tutorial of the upscaling technique by max turnbull for unity


There's no real name for the style other than maybe lo-fi 3d.

expecting the answer for the same question

wish there was more levels :(


What engine did you make this in


Pretty sure its unity with some shader that pixelates the 3d models, really gorgeous.


May also be Godot. It's not UE for sure because it has problems with stylized shading!

what's the command for jumping when you're holding onto a ledge? Dragging + lmb doesn't work (only rotates the camera) (on macos)


AFAIK you can't jump while holding onto a ledge and it's not necessary to complete the game. (you can jump while standing on a narrow beam though)

It's not possible you can only climb ledges.