update v1.5

Hi everyone!
I tried to fix some bugs and balance some stuff suggested in the community posts.
I didn't get everything in, but hopefully the most important stuff did!
Oh yeah, there's also DARK MODE now!!

full changelog v1.5

- added dark mode for all my nighttime homies

- crawler eggs build costs now scale with the amount of eggs you already have present
- if a spectre attacks a king it now changes into a worker instead
- doubled demolitionist damage
- lowered elven wall base hp from 50 -> 40
- reduced cage cost from 15 stone -> 10 stone
- first soul fountain now doesn't cost any souls, but the soul cost per fountain after the first in increased
- iron stags reduced hp from 100 -> 80
- iron stags now receive 5 bonus damage from melee attacks (up from 2 damage)
- lowered the time treshold for moving the cursor quickly

- fixed a crash when AI units where looking for the closest building
- fixed a crash when a world manager was looking for a unit that didnt exist
- fixed a freeze when starting a new match
- fixed a bug where warriors keep attackings/harvesting (animal) corpses after killing it
- units that are hunting looks for new prey every half a second instead of every frame so it won't lag as much anymore when there is no prey

- you can now also press Y on keyboard to instantly select your King unit


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