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you fell from your ufo - how do you get back?

  • arrows to move
  • x to grab / release to craft
  • z to jump / use

F4 to toggle fullscreen, 1-4 to change graphics quality

made for the Sokpop Patreon 

Sokpop Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
Tagspatreon, sokpop
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Get this game and 7 more for $18.00 USD
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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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It's a very cute game, short but a good bit of fun for $3

Deleted 41 days ago

There should be controller support for XBox 360 controllers in the game!

Deleted 72 days ago

These games are so cool and i'm thinking on buying a few of them. But what coding language and engine do you guys use?


This was made in Game Maker,  but we also use Unity.

That's very interesting. How do you achieve the simple line art smooth style?


Please update MacOS version, it didn't work on Catalina !


the game is beautiful! how big is this resolution?


Wait... This was Remade in Sok Stories.

Just downloaded the Mac version but when I run it a dialog appears and just says:

"Unable to find game!!:"

There's nothing after the colon, the only button is OK and quits the app.  I'm on a slightly old version of OSX, Sierra (10.12.6) - so maybe it's a compatibility thing?

Hi! This is an issue we're having with OS X. Move the game to a different folder and then run the game again. This usually fixes it!

Thanks - that fixed it!  I love the dinosaurs :D


i wish i had money to buy this game :(((((((((((((((((((

Hello, I tried this game on OSX first, but it doesn't look working properly, so I tried on Windows and it looks fine.  My friends who bought this game, they said they had the same problems on Mac. Will you fix the bugs in the future?


Yes, we had multiple reports of this being an problem on OSX. We're having weird issues porting some game maker games to mac, and in dino game a lot of different stuff breaks after a while of playing. Aran and me will try to fix dino game this friday. If we don't manage to, we might take down the OS X build so that not more people buy it in a broken state. Thanks for reporting the bug!

- rubna


We fixed it!




Hey! Really wanted to play this, but experienced some bugs during the game. I basically drop through ground, or something like that, sometimes dino's legs drop through, and it's legs are spread across the entire map. I'm playing on Mac OSX 10.13.4.

I've recorded a video for you to see, what is happening, althrough, this happens not only on these geyser spots, it can happen at random anywhere.


Hope this'll be fixed, the game looks really sweet, thank you!

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We're aware of this and we'll try to fix the problem this friday! Thanks for reporting.

- rubna


We've fixed this issue just now ! Thanks for reporting.


I loved this. Thank you.