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a wacky metroidvania game ⚡

explore a hostile (but friendly) world with a small robot.  Meet weird characters, unlock new abilities and complete a mysterious mission . . . 

  • 5+ areas to explore
  • upgrades & unlockables
  • really funny dialog
  • ~1 hour of  gameplay
  • controller support


  • move - arrow keys / left stick
  • jump - Z / A-button
  • shoot: X / X-button
  • interact: up / B-button

made for the Sokpop Patreon

 Sokpop Patreon


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

bobo robot.exe 5 MB
bobo robot.app.zip 6 MB


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This game worth much more than $3. Every single detail feels like it's here for a good reason and the game is packed with love and care. I was especially amazed by the sound fx that give BoboRobot a perfect tone & mood.

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Hi! I just stuck, headless, near to waterfall, cannot move. I will respawn, but made screenshot for you. Very cool game, thanks!

 Aaaannnndddd.. upsie. I'm in a even bigger problem. O gosh, a robot warns me to be careful with a wrench, haha


Hey, you aren't publishing  source code for this game?

Hi, the source code for 10$+ backers can be downloaded here: https://sokpop.itch.io/sokpop-source

Thx for answer, which engine are you using?

It's in game maker!

Yo this art style is awesome! So cool to combine pixelart spritesheet animation with tweens.

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Love the aesthetics and the gameplay (although the divide mechanism only working on keyboard threw me for a moment).

That said, the ending felt awfully abrupt, I wonder if there's more than one ending

Came here to ask the same question. I don't get it. Maybe I got the bad one?

Best sokpop game yet!! Love the characters and gameplay, super fun. I also had the controller/wrench problem that billtg mentioned, and a clipping glitch in the red-metallic area I had when I went back to get the underwater bolts made me have to restart the game. Other than that all around great experience.


Thank you! Sorry that you got stuck, there is a respawn option in the menu that you can use when that happens, though.

Ah shoot I should've looked harder!

Hey, great job with this game. You did a great job coming up with a low-key metroidvania! Here are some minor bugs I noticed while playing:

Wrench doesn't work with controller (could be my controller)
Frog dialog was mixed around when giving him the 10 bolts
As the head you get soft-locked behind the water fall. I didn't realize you could respawn your body at first.

Great game though, with some good concepts. I'd love to see it expanded to a larger game!

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You gotta drop the 't'! Just "Bobo Robo" is a GREAT name


Plus it would mean stupid theft in spanish.