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Hey, I can‘t open the exe file and my Kaspersky deletes the file, after I download it. Can I get a refund on it?

Hey will this be made available on Steam?

Yes, it will! Might take a few more days before it gets accepted there.

Awesome, will be a fun game for remote play!

You should also look into Parsec. it is basically remote play, but faster and better :)

i tend to use it even for Steam games heh

it has also been around for longer than remote play

(also, it's free)

just played the, I really like it! I love these simple strategy games.
I was playing with my gf 1 vs 1 in free for all. (without ai)
Everytime me or my gf destroys 1 of eachother's flowers, this person wins eventhough we still have 1 or 2 of these flowers left. is this normal?

thank you!! yes your starting flower is your base flower. if it gets captured you're done!

well, when we play, we didn't capture eachother's base flower.
for example, I take the flower in the middle. and after that my gf destroys or takes the flower in the middle, and she wins. I still have my base flower. or am I missing something? : p

I believe if you hold a majority of the flowers on the map you can win that way too.

oh okay. because the matches were just really too short imo. like 5min or so. felt odd

The game isn't recognizing input from my ps4 controller. Is there a way to fix this?

are you on windows or mac?


windows doesnt have integrated support for playstation controllers so you’ll need another program or driver for that!

The game won't open for me on MacOS, it says "Unable to find game".

Try moving the executable to a different folder and running it from there :)

Sokpop, here's how to fix this problem in Mac OS X. :)

"Create a .dmg instead of a .zip.

a. Generate the executable in GameMaker, which makes a .zip
b. Extract the .zip to get the app
c. Place the app in a folder by itself (unless you want to include other files/documentation)
d. Open Disk Utility, and do File -> New Image -> New Image From Folder (or cmd+shift+N), and choose that folder
e. Distribute the generated .dmg instead of the .zip generated by GameMaker"