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Toverblade is a magical grid-based strategy game. Train and improve your heroes, explore a dangerous world, and battle enemies such as wolves, giants, and ice golems on your way to a mysterious fortress.


  • recruit knights, archers, and wizards 🧙
  • collect various cards and alter your play style 🃏  
  • over 90 different items to collect 🗡️
  • over 30 enemies to encounter 👹
  • 10 unique areas to explore ⛰️

The soundtrack is available here:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjexTWeF0qU
Bandcamp: https://sokpop.bandcamp.com/album/tov...

Made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
GenreStrategy, Adventure, Role Playing
Tagscool, Deck Building, Fantasy


Get this game and 103 more for $199.99 USD
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Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Same here, all the button overlap on version 1.1 Mac OS. Looks so fun!


This looks so fun, but there are severe overdraw issues on macos. i wasn't able to play 

Absolutely loved this, couldn't put it down

love the soundtrack!

also: your bandcamp link is actually a youtube-redirector link, which puts up the youtube "do you really want to go there?" page with the dark pattern button. could you update the link here so it goes directly to bandcamp? :)

looks really good! btw could you please do a Linux version? if you can of course

i love how the game looks! how did u make the game look like that and what software did u make it in? sorry for all of the questions, I just really like it : )

sorry run in android?

Hey, Sokpop. I ended up buying your Super Bundle back when Flipper Volcano was released, but for some reason, none of the games since then have been included as part of it (from what I can see on my owned page). Is there a reason for this? Thanks.


Hi, the Super Bundle only includes all games up until when you buy it. Whenever we add games, the Super Bundle price increases too. Sadly, itch.io doesn't support a  "complete the set" bundle  like Steam does, so you can't get just the new ones in a bundle. We do also have bundles of 8 at 25% off.

If you want to get the new games as they come out too, the best way would be to subscribe to the Patreon. Hope that answers your question!


I just finished it, it was awesome!!! The moody atmosphere, and the fusion of the deck building and the simple grid based strategy gameplay was incredible!

The game crashed a lot when I started, but then I updated it to the 1.1 and it ended up being super stable!

I like a lot! Good Job! What kind of engine did you use?  Godot? Unity? :)

awesome computer game

(3 edits) (+3)(-1)

I love the art style, the gamefeel and sound design and seeing the mix of turn based combat and a card game.

But there is work to be done I think to make it as engaging as possible.

In card games there should be:

Intresting choices (what cards do I want to add in my deck, Cards should have negative and positive aspects) 

Example Card(Frenzy slash): Move 1, Attack 15, Next turn vurnable(30 % damage taken)
Example Card (Hefty meal): Discard 2, Draw 1, Gain 5 block

Combo potential (playing cards in an optimal way).
Example: Setting tiles on oil to then shoot an fire arrow for example.
Example: Shooting away parts of the eniroment so the ai have to move longer routes.
Example: Making your arrows hitting a larger area

However, I only felt that I played almost all cards every turn and every turn stayed the same, making almost every encounter be: Move, hit nearest enemy, if no attack, block and heal if I have it on my hand. Even when I unlock new characters/Cards it did not really shake up the formula.

I really hope there will be more work done on this game as I think there is potential!


I am running this on an M1 Macbook Air and text/buttons/etc. do not seem to disappear properly, causing flickering and other weird artifacts. the opening movie background is also bright pink (though that might be what it's supposed to look like)


I had this same issue. To fix it I opened the game and closed it from within. Force quitting did not work for some reason.

Same here (on iMac). Had to take another look at the gameplay from the trailer to realize the glitches weren't intentional (they did look pretty cool) but yeah. Closing the game from the inside didn't work for me for some reason, tho.

Deleted 2 years ago

this is random but let me know, if i get this will i later get the steam key for it if it is ever released on steam. this may have already been talked about if so my apologies.


Yes! Steam keys will be added here once the game releases on Steam.

nice. thanks

i have had a lot of fun with this game so far but it has crashed 4 times in the 2 hours i have played and every time i have lost alot of progress

the crash happens when i click on the claim new card button

Glad to hear you had fun, sorry for the loss of progress :(

I just uploaded a v1.1 build that should fix the claim new card crash, it also saves every time you enter or leave areas now, so if it'd still crash you'd hopefully not lose your progress again!

Thank your for playing :)


the item that unlocks archers spawned on a rock and was uncollectable on my first playthrough

Woooow awesome!!! Can't wait to play it ♥️


This looks fantastic, can't wait!