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Springblades is an action RPG where you battle your way through a fantasy island filled with funny characters. Fight bee hives, dragons and ordinary peasants on your epic quest to find 3 mysterious gems . . .

Battles ðŸ¤º
While in battle, time your attacks to deal damage. Time them even better, and get a critical hit! When your energy gets low, play it safe and dodge incoming attacks, or risk it all to deliver the final blow! 🔥

Most enemies you encounter have special traits: a bee hive will summon angry bees, while a dragon egg will eventually hatch a fierce dragon! Learn their behavior and equip the right gear to counter them!

Equipment ðŸ§¤
The gear you wear will determine the actions you can do in battle. A sword provides a slash attack, while a dark wand will grant access to a powerful spell!

Other gear will trigger special events in battle. For example: a Careful badge will heal you when skipping turns, while the Opportunist badge deals damage to all enemies when a foe gets beaten!

World ðŸ—ºï¸
Explore a big island full of different biomes, each with their own quirky characters. Fight angry seagulls on the beach, hunt the fabled goat riders in the northern tundra or enter the old mountain road after finding an ancient key. 🗝️

On your journey, you'll find special locations guarded by challenging bosses. 💀 Defeat them to unlock a new checkpoint, where you can gather information and buy shiny new items.


  • ⚔️ A fast & juicy turn-based combat system.
  • 👺 200+ funny creatures to battle.
  • 👗 150+ unique items to collect & combine.
  • ☠️ 20+ challenging bosses to defeat.
  • 🕘 7-9 hours of playtime.
  • 🎶 An original soundtrack of 40 tracks.
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
GenreAction, Adventure, Role Playing
TagsColorful, Fantasy, Funny


Get this game and 103 more for $199.99 USD
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Is it possible to refund? I spent like 2 minutes and I don't want to play it at all


o o f

w h y

hi guys


I can't afford your game but I love 2d game that flips 3d ! 

Nicely done !




I didn't realize there were so much awful comments on itch.io 😶 

Anyway this game looks fun and charming, i'll definitely give it a try ❤️


The trailer music worries me because the bass gives me a headache but this does look neat for a Paper Mario-style game


Greedy bastard!


He is a game developer he can make money from his game because he put his time in this game and he can make money out of it. If you can’t afford the game, go and cry in the corner.




8 bucks. come on.


I loved ur game and i would make a gameplay in portuguese for the brazilian people. Could you give me a demo?


Looks cool! Most Sokpop games do :)


Atleast it ain't woke

(2 edits) (+26)(-6)

ok just wtf are you thinking, you high or something? (go seek professional help, get out of the internet, okay two people upvoted, they're also braindead like you)


agree woke people are the worst kind of people




Very nice game! Which engine did you use?


my sources (pretty valid ones) are saying unity




This looks so cool

yo no way i found you


Overall good game.  I made some analysis on the game for myself since this game is similar to something I want to create, and currently it mostly consist of cons about the game. It is a mess but if anyone wants to read it I included the link.


Deleted 343 days ago

ig people are too lazy to say they disagree so they downvote?


Love the game my first game I have played of yours will be defentatly be looking at others of your back 


This looks absolutely awesome.


I believe I'm falling in love with you guys! You keep nailing it every time!
I already knew it was a Sokpop game just by looking at the Itch.io post!  :D


Excellent! A juicy, lengthy sokpop RPG that I can't wait to sink more time into.


september game (releasing September 2023)


when is this going to be released, November? its the SEPTEMER GAME!


I can't download it

It isnt out yet

ok, thx

It's out now!