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I think it needs options


I havent bought the game yet but I love the LEGO LOCO style menu thing and everything, and I don't think ive seen anyone point that out yet


Great game to fill an afternoon. experienced minor issues with a couple crashes and unable to continue tutorials because the continue buttons goes off screen with longer sentences. Both very minor though, a really great game. 

(Late 2015 Macbook Pro 13" )


thanks! sorry to hear you had some issues. The crashes should be fixed in version 1.3 though! Could you check if you were playing the latest (1.3) build?

Also, you could try to fix the tutorial skipping by switching to windowed mode!

Hi Sokpop! 

Thanks for the response. After re-downloading the game and resetting my computer, all problems were fixed.  The tutorial text is still unreachable as I don't know how to go into windowed mode.

Thanks for an amazing game, filled my rainy day very very well :) 

The tutorial text issue should be fixed in v1.3.3! Thank you for the bug report and for playing!

Any chance of user designed levels?


Played this on my channel, and I'm prolly gonna have to play more. Really loved this! It's so cute!


this is awesome!

I love trains and this art style :D Seriously considering to become a Patreon. Will sleep on it first ^.^ But continue like that guys :D

thanks <3

Lego loco! awesome!

will there be an update allowing me to send my trains over the internet to another random city ?

thank you! haha, not before the postcard update ;)

Bought Simmiland some time ago and immediately recognized the art style. Will consider getting this after finishing Simmi. Looks fun to me!

Sok pop games are just getting better and better!

I'm without time to properly rate anything right now, but this game right here, it is worth buying. Very good guys

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