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Hi, just a small issue. When I try and launch the game from the itch app I get an error. "Unable to find game!!: /Users/Myname/Library/Application Support/com.yoyogames.test/game.ios"  

If I navigate to the folder in finder and double click the game, it loads fine. 

I'm on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 

Move the game to a different folder, then it should work. It’s a problem we’re having with OSX!

Hi there! I got this from a code i was given back at PAX2019. Lovely to meet ya'll at the booth. I finally got around to installing it and giving it a shot. I really liked it! I appreciate the distillation of transport management you achieved given the imposed restrictions of the game.

If you want to watch my playing it, I've posted it below.

Thanks for making such a neat game (and making the deluxe version of it) and for bein so nice at the booth!

haha liked it

we played the game for our datenite video and it was very difficult for new sims players. we like the music and look of the game but we really need to dive into it better. we both didn't know what to do for a very long time and still don't. it's a user error on our part because we thought we could just jump into it from the start. first time playing a sok pop game so this might not be the game for us. keep up the great work though! really like the look of the rest of the games in your collection, so we will try to play those. 

great game! stellar presentation. loved all the little details like toggling the music, playing with the start screen, etc. and the music was awesome and funky. it didn't have the best tutorial. i didnt know i had to click the planks sitting at the lumber mill. some highlighted game objects would have helped. that said, i still liked it and look forward to checking out a different, less loco soko from yall.

This is very neat! I have a problem though:

I'm on level 3, but my trains won't load the lumber. The workers just stand around with the log on their shoulder doin' nothin' :(


Thank you! Have you built a platform near the lumber camp? The lumber and mining camps need at least one platform to work properly.


aah, no I hadn't! now it all works fine! thanks!

hello, I had 2 crash on the monument level.

The first one was when i decoupled a wagon (I forgot to copy the log).

The other one happened when a locomotive entered the garage. (log in a google doc to not add a wall of text in comments)

link google doc


You can right-click to remove!


oh, I  feel stupid now

Hey, which game engine did you use?

It's in Game Maker.

can't run on mac 10.13.6,  "soko loco" is damaged  and can't be opened.  move file or archive to  other folder don't help

Hi! I'm trying to find a fix for this; Game Maker: Studio 2 exports are being flagged by OSX. There's a work-around, but it's quite technical:

Hope that helps - sorry we can't do more at this point!

Thank you, it runs now.


Maybe make the grid cursor still visible when in build mode?


Your windows file got flagged by my virus scanner

Crazy !

shows that the file is broken on the mac, how can I open it?

Try moving the file to a different folder before opening. If it still doesn't work, right-click the file, select open, and select open again in the context menu.



I think I'm an idiot because I don't know how to collect the planks

Click on planks, bricks and steel to collect them!

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Would it be possible to update the game to macOS Catalina? It doesn't work :(

Thank you very much <3


Updated the OSX version now!

Wow, that was so quick! Thank you so much!!

It would be great if the tutorial explained what transfer stations do!


A transfer station is just a station that is not in range of any industries. However, if you place platforms in range of it, you can store cargo on those platforms. That's why they're called transfer stations in the game. 

Hope that helps!

Thanks very much!


Can you update the mac version of the game to be compatible with updated versions of mac os? 


Thanks for responding so quickly! but now its saying the application can't be opened :( 

I've tried copying it into a new folder but it still doesnt work.



Hi ! i own a steam version, one advice to every futur customers
100% worth it


I paid for this game on steam and I am pretty mad to come across it being 100% off.

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Hi! The version on Steam is the Deluxe version, with a lot more content, a level editor and new mechanics - this is the older, original version. Hope that clears it up!

Very cute. I just have a couple of notes about the tutorial:

  1. "drop a tool" came off as weird wording to me (as I tried to literally right-click one of the tracks in the briefcase, thinking it'd fall out; yes, I got confused, but the wording threw me for a loop!). I'd recommend "deselect" as this is the most common and clearest term for this action.
  2. At the end of the tutorial, it says "that were the basics" instead of "those were the basics."

Thank you very much for the sale 😭

Still going to pick it up on Steam later for all the extra stuff!

wanted to play but I can't because it says that the game doesn't work with this Mac version :( 

Updated the OSX version now!

Will there be a Linux release?


No, but people have gotten the game to work with Proton!

Do people who've owned the game for a year or more get a free steam key?

No, sorry! You'll have to buy the game separately.

I bought the deluxe version either way.


Hey. I just saw this game pop up on Steam as Soko Loco Deluxe (congratulations). I was wondering if that version is going to be released on itch as well? 


Thank you! Unfortunately not yet, because the game relies heavily on the Steam Workshop. I might make a similar system myself for an itch release in the future, but not yet!


That's understandable. Is the Steam version also DRM free so you can launch it without the Steam client running? That is the main reason why I'm more interested in itch for smaller lightweight games. 

Hey Sokpop, think that this game could get a small update and maybe a bit of a revival? I'm suggesting a way to get infinitely renewable stone and wood, like a mine and a forestry. 

a bigger version is being worked on and coming out on Steam!

Wow, when will it be coming out?

we aren’t sure but it is almost done!

Soko Loco Deluxe!

It's been wishlisted on Steam :)

Cannot start on mac. It shows error dialog with message "Unable to find game!!:" and "OK" button. Could you please help?

copy and paste the file into a different folder and it should work again

Wow. That worked, thank you!

As a developer I'm interesting - what was the reason?

Haha we have no idea! We feel like there is something we are missing that would fix this entirely. I forgot how we found this solution in the first place..

a modern classic <3 

Fullscreen doesn't work. Same for all of your games on OSX. 

F4=Fullscreen toggle,wont work, it crashes my game when i try to switch to "window mode".

is there an error message?

no error msg, the game just shuts down. (Game starts always in fullscreen mode, until pressing F4,it shuts down imi)

I bought it, play it, love it, want more!
*maybe a Sandbox mode,with a huge map,and one Goal like (breed 1000 Villagers and/or build a "Monument" [with 5000 Planks,rocks and Steel])
All in one, ive played tro the whole game ,finished it about 4hrs and 22min.

...and now, need to find out how to play an endless one with given maps/options/levels..

DeV! Keep it up! Thx for this awesome Game! there a way to "save" current game? bcs it takes to much time to  make the whole thing automated,then you need togo to work,and coming back,and you need to start a new game again :3
*Thats bit boring..may you can add a "save-game"? pls.

Can you make for the "last level" the "Ressources" infinity pls?
(Rocks cant respawn i know,but would be nice if they regrow after short amount of time..)
(Same for the Woods, may smaller woodgrounds,but with respawning/regrowing...)

*Or better (maybe), copy just the final level and make it "sandbox"-like. (Infinity ressources)


Thanks for the suggestions! I just started working on a new soko loco, and I'll definitely add an endless mode and much more in that one. Hope you'll be as excited for the new version as I am!

half a year and no soko loco 2 :c

it is almost done!


So, I bought this about a week ago, and just today. (I didn't have an account and thought I did so i bought it again on accident, not a big deal) and I'm having the same problem as i was a week ago. I'm on level 2 and I can't for the life of me get the trains to pick up the wheat at the farms. Am I doing something wrong? I've put 1 worker there, 2 workers there, put the station close and far away, and now I'm stuck. I want to enjoy this cute, charming game, but It gets frustrating when I can't finish a level correctly.

Hi! Maybe your train didn't have correct wagon? (the different wagons transport different resources) 
There are a few video's of the game on Youtube you can always check those out for reference!

Awesome game! I'm a huge fan of Transport Tycoon, so this game really appealed to me. I understand you are doing other games, but man, I wish there were more levels for this game! You have no expansion in mind? :)

Thanks! I've thought about doing an expansion, but I can't promise anything yet.

That would be awesome! I'm keeping my hopes up! ;)


this game looks super fun!

to bad i'm broke :(((((


Hey there, Sokpop! I'd love to purchase several of your games, but I noticed there isn't a Linux version. I'm sure that there are other Linux users who would love to purchase your games, too!

While I could run the game under WINE, I think that adding an option for a native Linux game would be really nice. If you're worried about a testing environment, you could always run it under an Ubuntu 18 VM! 

If in the future you DO offer a Linux build for your games, I'd be glad to share it with the few Linux Gaming communities I'm in.


If we want to build for Linux we need to get a Linux computer and haven't really decided on doing that yet!

Linux is rather easy to set up. I personally would recommend a standard Ubuntu environment, as that is what GM recommends. If I were you, I'd set up a Virtual Machine in QEMU or VirtualBox. 

I think a .deb would be fine enough for the majority of Linux users to use. If you guys can't (or don't have the manpower to) test a Linux release, I'd love to help out. I'm just trying to get your games to an audience who can't appreciate them at the moment.

thanks! that’s very helpful :)


Very cute game, I really like it (especially as a big LOCO fan). Is there any reason for these numbers to pop-up? I might have accidentally enabled some kind of debug thing.

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oops that’s exactly what that is - i used it to debug the collisions. thanks for reporting, removed them now!


very buggy. Train cars get entangled into a mess

(5 edits) (+1)

i am aware of this bug - if two trains intersect at a crossing or split at precisely the wrong time, it can happen that they split or take the wrong path. Looking to fix this in a new build soon.

EDIT: fixed this in version 1.3.2!

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