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sok-worlds is a game/tool where you make and explore 3d collage worlds. Search a big library of images and add them to your world. Assemble them, cut them out, add text, add some music and create all kinds of  cool, weird places to explore!

Upload your creations to the sok-worlds library and share them with the world. Find creations by other makers and check out what they've made!


  • Make weird, funny, and artsy 3d collages!
  • Share your worlds with others using the in-game browser
  • Over 1.8 million images to add to your worlds, using the Pixabay API.
  • Choose from 8 soundtracks to accompany your sok-worlds


  • WASD + mouse to move and interact with the world

made for the Sokpop Patreon

Sokpop Patreon

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
Tags3D, Creative, Cute, Internet, sokpop, weird


Get this game and 7 more for $18.00 USD
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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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sok-worlds v1.0.2 (Windows) 74 MB
sok-worlds v1.0.2 (macOS) 76 MB

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I got the game on Steam a while back, I experience lots of visual tearing when I move or look around, I've tried turning Vsync off and on, but neither seem to work, is there anything I can do? I use a 60hz laptop.

I just bought the game (on steam) and I’m wondering if anyone knows if you can slow down your movements to more precisely place things? I have such a hard time trying to line them up side by side like when trying to make flat walls out of multiple images. Thanks!

Hello! I just got the mac version but could't run the app. Do you have any plan to update it in the future?

It seems like 7/10 images I select don't load at all in game. I can access them on the site, and the thumbnails display, but for some reason they wont load in game.

Hello. Unfortunately I can't run the app on Mac OS. I keep on getting the message "The application “sokworlds_v1.0.2_osx” can’t be opened.

I didn't manage to solve the problem, can someone please help me? I'm looking forward to trying this game. Thanks!!!

Hello there! I bought this game on Steam and have to say I truly love it , I think it has a ton of potential as it is truly special. I was wondering If any further updates were planned or If it was the final release.

Hi! I'm a big fan of collages so this looks intriguing but I've got a question, is there a way to add our own images to the game? Thank you! :) Great job!

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 Its back to normal now on 3/18.  i'll keep this post up incase it happens again so people can see the comma information.


Not sure if its a pixabay api change or if y'all are doing something backend with how it handles searching images but it's kinda broken right now, trying to get a specific image you are looking for seems impossible now. the old way of typing all the image tags of the image now seems to instead search all of those tags at once. so if i was to search for images with Blue Bird - instead of showing me images of blue birds now it seems to show the entire search of Blue, not just images tagged with both Blue+bird but rather any image that has Blue in it at all. not sure if this is something y'all can fix or if its only a pixabay thing. : ( 

EDIT(3/9):  If you put commas now instead of spaces when searching that seems like it works like it used to. Probably just some API change but glad it still works. So for anyone wondering why the search isn't working right, use commas, like for example instead of 'blue bird owl' search for 'blue,bird,owl' no spaces only commas and it will search like it used to.


i made this account in hopes i could dm you, but idk what itchio even is lol. I just had to find a way to tell you how amazing your worlds are on sokworld. Like just totally haunting and incredible. A few of them literally brought tears to my eyes just imagining how much heart and how many hours you put into them. I'm seriously so blown away! Thank you so much for putting these out there. Your work doesn't go unnoticed. I am in awe!

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Thank you so much, I really can't put into words how much I appreciate you saying this. I am amazed that you would go out of your way to contact me about the things I made. my head has been in a very dark spot lately this really brightened it up for me. thank you. <3 I am thrilled I could make something that is able to bring those feelings to someone. 


Hey there! Recently downloaded the game again, I see you've done some real cool stuff in the last year :) I know better than to ascribe too literal a meaning to art, but your last world "Ruins" made me worry a bit for you. Hope you're safe and pulling out of it. Stay strong comrade!


Fun game :) the stock photo limitation forces some creative decisions that I wouldnt think of otherwise. And everything being two dimensional gives creations a very pretty unpolished look. Really cool 

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love your maps, the spawn tutorial map you made is super cool and useful. 

Thanks! I'm glad you found it useful. I played a bunch of yours and I liked them a lot too.

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Thanks for the update to the menu speed, it makes navigating through peoples uploads so much nicer. <3 This program is a much welcomed distraction in these times.


Hi! Don't mind me, just wanted to say I love your worlds. The "silhouettes in the rain" room was incredible. Love you!


that's super nice of you! thank you so much, it really means the world <3

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are you octorov btw? because those worlds are amazing. 


Yes it's me! And thanks, coming from you it's high praise! You're so good at playing to the strengths of the medium,  you manage some very evocative and aesthetic landscapes with only a few pictures, I have a lot to learn from you still ^^ My first world was not worth the hours I spent lining floor textures together


sorry for commenting on such an old post here, but i just wanted to say your levels are amazing and inspirational!! thank you for all the work you clearly put into them, they really resonate with me as a fellow trans person. i just wanted to find someplace to thank you <3


oh my god, thank you so much. I am in a real bad mood right now and this really cheered me up <3 thank you for saying something. it really helped my day. 


i am glad that i was able to make something that someone connected to. it really means a lot to me that you went out of your way to write something about it <3 


Hey there.

I tracked you down to this comment chain and made this account to tell you I think your worlds are beautiful. Evidently, I'm not the only one to do this - I don't know if that makes it more or less meaningful - and I realize it's only a game, but I think it's clear you've put a lot of soul into your creations, and after seeing your soul on display like that, I thought it only right to reach out and tell you I think it is beautiful.

Kind regards,



Oh my gosh.. thank you!! it means a lot to me that you'd go out of your way to make an account and tell me. You've just like, added a second sun to my sky today : ). Thank you.


No problem - if anything, I should be thanking you. You've worked hard to give me, and other players, a window into your soul, to let us connect with you in a one-way fashion without ever demanding anything in return. That is exactly why I reached out; I didn't want this connection to be one-way. I wanted you to have the opportunity to feel the same - for lack of a better word - intimacy I felt when I played your worlds. Were I of better mettle, I would make a world for you to play in return, a chance to relate to me as I have related to you. Maybe some day I will, if I can muster the courage. For now, this call into the void will have to suffice.

Thank you for showing me you. It was a beautiful experience. As someone with ADHD, focus in particular resonated with me, although the real cream of the crop, as I'm sure the other players making their pilgrimage here to pay their homage to you would agree, is doing good. You leave a bit of yourself in all your worlds, even - actually, especially - your rather helpful useful images, which is how I "met" you in the first place, but doing good is something else. Again, I realize it's only a game, and I understand you probably made all these worlds years ago and were another woman then, and I won't pretend to actually know you based on what amounts to a 5 minute visual poem, but that doesn't mean the human connection I experienced while playing them felt any less real. Now, I don't know if you're struggling - I hope you aren't, but I also hope you won't fault me for thinking you are, based on doing good - but if you are, I thought this could be my way of giving you the opportunity to connect with me the way you gave me the opportunity to connect with you:

You don't have to smile for anyone but yourself.

You are not a failure for feeling unhappy.

You don't have to be doing good.

You are good enough.


I've gone back and read this comment so many times. I can't tell you enough how sweet and thoughtful you are to write something like this to me, and how much I appreciate it. 


There's a thousand things I want to say to that - how I know exactly what you mean, how I've gone back and played your worlds so many times as well, how happy I am to have given you a bit of what you have given me, how that's what I was intending to give you all along, and the list goes on - but I can't seem to pick any one response. I don't want to write all of them and come off as obsessive or even unhinged, but I also don't want to write nothing. I considered adhering to the KISS principle and just replying with something minimal, like a simple 'thank you' or ':)' but that didn't seem quite right either. In truth, I don't know what to write, and whenever that happens, I always just resign myself to thinking out loud in a weird kind of meta commentary that I don't really know what to do with or how to wrap up, so, uh.. Yeah, this is that.

Hi! I bought the game on steam, and it's been a blast, but I have an issue: I spent hours on a world and I'm very proud of it, but it refuses to upload :/ Is there a secret size limit the game doesn't tell you about, or is it a bug?

Hi! This might be a bug, or you might have run into some kind of size limit.  If you go to C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\sokpop\sokworlds, what size is the biggest file there?

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I found a problem on the server that might have caused this. Please try again - if it doesn't work, could you send me the local.sok file on bugs@sokpop.co? Then I can have a closer look to see if it's a server issue or a client issue. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response! Still no luck with the upload, I've sent the file to you


I've received the file and found a fix on the server! You should be able to upload it now :)

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It's really fun but too bad it's so buggy. I spent a lot of time making and editing worlds only to find out they disappeared after a day or so.  I really hope things like this get fixed because the concept is very cool. An undo button would be fun too.

Simply brilliant. I was just looking into REST apis last night and couldn't sleep as I daydreamed about how big apis might create cool opportunities in games! Also makes me think of an old concept I had about creating a trippy game about going insane and being stuck inside your mind running around surreal 3d worlds built of low res images. Get out of my head, Sokpop!....or let me in yours ;)

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a feature I'd really love is if you could directly type the pixabay image url you want, because there are many images on pixabay that no matter what I type in sokworlds i'll never ever get to show up in the search.

edit: also a "recently searched for" tab that you could click to bring up previous searches would be unbelievably helpful.

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I love this game!

Could you add the option to add your own pictures as well?

That would be awesome!

wow lol can't believe this game exists! its been revived and ressurected!


On OSX it doesn't open because the executable is marked as read only. You have to change it in terminal after downloading 

`chmod +x sokworlds_v1.0.1_osx.app/Contents/MacOS/sokworlds`

I'm having the same issue - gonna try the your suggestion today

I love it. Some of the user created worlds are funny too.

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Still getting the infinite upload bug sadly. It's been on every single map I've made. Which is a real bummer. My maps are big, so maybe it has something to do with having too many objects? which that's fine, but if that is a problem maybe there should be a limit we know about.


Ah sorry! How big are the worlds? The save files for the worlds are located in AppData\LocalLow\sokpop\sokworlds 

I have an idea how to reduce world-sizes that I'm gonna try out today  - it wouldn't fix the current worlds but it will solve the big file sizes for future versions.

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sooo a weird thing I just did fixed it for me, I created a new map and saved it, closed the program, then I copied the save data from a map that wasn't uploading to the new map in notepad++ and then I was able to upload it. No idea why that would work since the data is all the same after the edit but it did. 

(map size was 26 MB)

Hmm! That's weird! Did you maybe make a new account at some point? 


Super weird! I have no idea what caused it then haha


Can confirm this worked for me too!

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I'm happy it worked for you, because your maps freaking rule. I love em so much. 


I love this game so much, onlty been playing it for a couple hours already. Problems I have with this are not having different sizes for the eraser tool, an undo action button, and maybe a different means of mobility, like running faster or flying. Also some levels will never load and uploading a level will take forever or just not happen. Please adress these issues and this game would be perfect, love your work

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very much agree with this post, but a tip for sorta fake flying, put an object sideways, stand on it, jump and then grab it momentarily and let go before you start falling, over and over and you will go up and up. It's janky but it works. Handy for making clouds or whatever you need to do higher up without making a ladder every time. 


i've fixed the uploading issues! the loading issues should be fixed if the original creators reupload their worlds.

i'll also think about adding the features you mentioned :)

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I adore this. its sucha  wonderful idea. I really wish there was a way to walk slower when placing items though, so you could really finesse some stuff easier. 

edit: I am also having the infinite upload, and maps that say they are uploaded but do not appear on the list. I hope this gets patched. I really love this thing.

there are also a number of maps that other people have made that I simply cannot load, it just gets stuck loading forever.

to add to this, i've created 5 worlds, tried to upload all of them. none of them have been able to upload.


I'll look into the uploading bug today :)

it should be fixed now!

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sadly still getting the infinite upload. says "uploading.." but network communication is 0. It starts at like 3 mbs for about 10 seconds, but just stops. 

It won't open on my mac :(( It says the program can't be opened.

Nevermind got it working

How did you do it? I still can't get it to work on my Mac :c


This game is incredible! So many opportunities for creative freedom. I made a video, but still played some more after and have gotten a better understanding of how to do things. This is a lot of fun. Here's my playthrough: 


I thought I was going to hate this game and never play it again after my usual first play session, but I ended up loving it and will definitely play more of it,


This is really amazing. The only thing that would make this better would be the abilty to arbitrarily link images via URL, and have some kind of collaborative multiplayer


i really love this and have been fidding with it on and off all day, i really hope y'all keep expanding this out!

i've got a problem though - when i tried to upload my first world the game said it uploaded, but it never showed up in the browser for me or friends of mine. every time i try to re-upload it now it gets stuck forever on "Uploading.." i let it go 30 minutes at a stretch, and it never resolved. i loved that world and want people to see it :(


i've now got 2 maps that refuse to upload. they both just say "uploading.." forever - i DO have one map uploaded, so it's Possible, but the other two maps are much bigger.


ran into the same issue. i made a few worlds and they say uploaded, but doesn't appear on the list at all. made a few edits and reuploaded it, but gets stuck in uploading forever. it seems to happen to every other map that i've made so far. 

i've fixed the uploading!


i had some issues with this too but they ended up working themselves out. They take a little longer than you'd expect to upload, and I believe they can upload while you're checking out other worlds, as I noticed a level of mine said "uploaded" after I was looking at some others when I got tired of waiting for the "uploading" to finish


i've fixed the uploading!

<3 ty

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I had this same problem yesterday with my world, but I noticed that the eraser tool was "glitching" and cloning onto some other images, so out of curiosity I went back and deleted + replaced those and then the world was able to upload. Basically try deleting any images you think may be "glitched". I recommend backing up the Sokpop folder under AppData/LocalLow beforehand in case something goes wrong.

Or, like someone else said, it might resolve on its own. It could just be some server issue. I hope it works for you!


hmm thats interesting. i have no idea which ones might have problems, and i have a lot of images.

i watched my network usage in task manager while clicking upload, its Definitely sending something at 3-5mbps for a while, but then it drops back down to nothing and the button just keeps saying "uploading..."


will it be possible to add your own images in the future?

This is so brilliant

what was this coded in? thanks