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Mistward is a survival city-builder set on a mysterious island enshrouded in a poisonous mist! Create light sources to keep the mist at bay, build houses and command humans to gather resources. Explore the island and find a way out!

The Mist

A strange poison mist looms over the island. If you touch the mist you will get hurt and lose consciousness. Build fires or lamps to repel the mist, but don't forget to keep fueling them!

A Helping Hand

Build tents and houses to gain the help from other humans. Give them step-by-step tasks that they will execute in a loop.

Chill but complex

The game is designed to be slow and chill while also offering the abilty to build complex systems!


  • 10+ hour game!
  • Many different challenges to overcome, such as keeping the lights on, setting up food chains and holding off wildlife.
  • Automation
  • Discover ~40 different resources and ~40 different constructions
  • Explore more than 5 different biomes on the island.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorSokpop Collective
GenreSurvival, Strategy
TagsAutomation, Management, village-builder


Get this game and 103 more for $199.99 USD
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I love this game :) My only qualm with it is that it's not entirely clear how to give a human a bucket, In the description for the well it says humans with buckets can collect water, however, I can't figure out how to do this. Without this, the loop of water+electricity > forester > wood > light doesn't work, and I have to pay constant attention to each area so as not to let the mist get to them. am I missing something?

What works for me is to make a wooden crate! With the wooden crate, I put two buckets inside and then commmand my villager to 

take from the crate with buckets

use the well

Seems to work for me. Hopefully it works for you.


I really like your games, like Stacklands or Springblades. But unfortunately, because of the economic crisis in my country, all your games are very expensive. I would love to try this game too.  I wonder if you would consider an adjustment in terms of local pricing?

If you subscribe to their Patreon this month Mistward is included. It's $3 USD, and includes two other small games which I got about 4 hours of play out of. Hopefully that is more doable.


I don't quite understand, if I support on Patreon, do I have a chance to get the game? Or did you give information about the time you played the game? if so, I've played stacklands for about 80+ hours.


Sokpop uses a subscription model for their games. If you subscribe to their Patreon on a certain month you will get certain games. This month, their Patreon subscription includes 3 games, one of which is this one.

So if you subscribe, you will be getting this game for $3 USD.


Those animations of everything look so cute! :D

I could have sworn the tutorial text said that people will grab food from nearby stockpiles, but they don't seem to do that unless instructed, and when instructed, they grab even if their own tent is full and then wander around with it. What did I miss?

Is the island procedurally generated or the same every time?

it good


will you be bringing this game to steam? :O it seems super neat! 

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It's already out on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2618090/Mistward/ 

What's more, if you buy it on itch.io, it actually also comes with a Steam key!

hello! is this game in spanish, like Stacklands?? I really love your games!! 

hi! no sorry, maybe in the future!


would love to see this ported to macOS! looks awesome

Will future games be coming out only on windows? 

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Hi, I'm enjoying this so far :)
But I'm having trouble clicking exactly where I want most of the time; for example in this picture, my mouse is clearly hovering the "pause" button, but the "play" button is highlighted.
(this is a screenshot of v0.2.2, but it does the same in v0.3.0)
It happens regardless of the chosen resolution.
Thanks for making this game!

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I was so excited to try this, but I'm playing on a 4k monitor and it's TINY! It's very hard to read the text and I have to lean in really close to my screen. Can you add an option for pixel doubling? (EDIT: never mind, I found the resolution settings!)

Hi, I noticed Mistward got an update on Steam today. Where is v3.0 on Itch.io?


a wonderfull piece about Human expantion and environmentalism without being preachy.

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great game


Would love to play it, huge fan! It's a total shame that most of the games are Windows only though. :(





This looks beautiful!




Ever since Tuin, I've been hoping to see more Sockpop games delve into a little automation, with that signature minimalistic/adorable style they all do so well.  There's something so satisfying about seeing cute little animations work through a well thought out little system.  Just got the game, and haven't played it yet, but I am very much looking forward to it.  Great work and thank you!