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Does the game not work anymore? I just started and can't seem to progress. Little loading icon is spinning in the corner and isn't showing any sign of stopping


hm it should still work. im on vacation right now but i’ll check on it when i get back.

So, I have a question
There's supposed to be the blue chest everyday, yeah?
But I haven't gotten mine the past two days...
Is it on some kind of timer? Only for players who don't have a level-8 clam? Or is something broken?

Looks really cute. Is there a way to play it solo (against bots or something like that) or is it stricty multiplayer?

It's async multiplayer, so you can always play against other people's monsters

Ah ok, I understand, thank you. Unfortunately I'm quite oldfashioned and like my games offline. But in that case I'll simply purchase another game from your interesting collection, simmiland. Thanks! :)


Instantly got addicted to it. I hope you somehow get this game out there again, I really wish I could have played it when there were more active players. 

Absolutely love this game. Been hopping on to grind it out for a few days now. Really great, would love to see this get a bigger audience and more variety at early-game.


thanks! Would still love to do a mobile version

this game is good or FABULOUS? :D

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Very interesting! Do you have a estimate on how many players their are right now?

about 60?

I'd love to play this game! Is there a chance you'll make a Linux version please for me yes?

no I'm sorry! I don't have the resources to make a Linux build atm :(

Let me know if I can be of any help testing.

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this is really cute and fun! it would be nice if you started the game with a few shells though. you don't get to make any decisions until you get some shells and every card you fight is either stronger than you or exactly evenly matched. another way to solve this would be to populate the first room or two with dummy NPCs that are weaker than the level 1 worm

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